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We Need More Manual Curation

Not that long ago the SPT token USD value was much lower then its current sales price. Its 24 hour volume was lucky to reach $10 USD. This didn't stop us Splintertalk fanatics from collecting this amazing token that is SPT. However during that time many of the SPT whales decided to delegate their SPT to @monster-curator. Before we go any further let me explain what Monster-Curator does and give some other information about its SPT Stake and where it comes from.

What Is Monster-Curator?

Monster-Curator is the whale of all whales of the Splintertalk frontend. It has a total of 30,803,461 SPT Power. Out of that total 30,784,325 is delegated SPT. According to Hive-Engine SPT total circulating supply is 94.624 Million. That means that Monster-Curator has about 30% of all available SPT delegated to it. Why do SPT whales delegate to Monster-Curator, first off they do a great job at upvoting amazing SPT content. Secondly they share their SPT curation rewards with delegators.


The initiative itself is awesome and the person who runs it does a great job at doing so but the fact remains that its near impossible for one account to cover all the amazing content that is published using the SPT tag/frontend. Its also near impossible to reach the trending page without an upvote from the Monster-Curator account. Its these mentioned points that I got to thinking that more manual curation from SPT whales is needed. Delegating out near all ones SPT made sense when the coin was worth less then fractions of a penny but that isn't the case anymore. SPT currently has a very healthy market with 24 hour trade volumes routinely reaching thousands of USD.


But We All Love Monster-Curator

Me too, I also delegate to its initiative. I am nearing 800,000 SPT with 40,000 of that delegated to Monster-Curator. I want to support its initiative but I also want more manual curation. A 40,000 delegation out of *800,000 is a small percentage. I use the rest for manual curation and I also delegate out some SPT to others. I think if more manual curation was done on the SPT frontend we would see allot more activity and increased quality of content from the SPT content creators that are going unnoticed. As is the options for most is (1) get a Monster-Curator upvote and earn some decent SPT for created content OR (2) don't get a Monster-Curator upvote and earn SPT dust. There's a few of us SPT whales that do allot of SPT manual curation but there needs to be more. That's my two cents, Lets hear yours in the comment section.

What is SPT

SPT is a cryptocurrency token. SPT can potentially be earned on any topic created on the HIVE network providing that topic uses the tag SPT and is about the game Splinterlands. All topics created on the site Splintertalk qualify to earn SPT tokens. Splintertalk is the official blog site for the Hive Blockchain game known as Splinterlands.

What is Splinterlands

Splinterlands is an online blockchain game built on the Hive Network. It utilizes NFT's for game play. These NFT's and other in game assets are tradable and have real monetary value. Click here to play or to invest in Splinterlands. Play for free or pay $10 usd and start earning today!


Splinterlands: Recent News & Updates (9/18/2021)

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very nice mention rentmoney...i have un-delegated my SPT from monster curator and now i do manual curate content all around splintertalk
i think it is more profitable for me and more encouraging for new members

I totally agree that we need more manual upvoters. Monster-Grinder can not cover all and sometimes might give higher or lower upvotes. More diversification will help the community. Besides, we don't make any profit with our service, so it doesn't even matter that much if we have more or less SPT delegated.

Thanks for weighing in and for all you do for SPT and Splinterlands in general. I think you need to start taking a profit because running that big of a curation account must be time consuming.

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Before I first started my SPT journy, I also delegated most of my Staked SPT to monster-curator. But when I saw that they controlled such I large portion of the staked supply, I pulled mine out and started manually curating with it. I liked the reward they gave out for delegation, but didn't like that they were the only say in who got most of the rewards. Too much centralization is always a bad thing. Even for the best of intentions. That's kind of the reason a lot of us are here on this platform.

Yeah with a large concentration of spt in one account (that does manually curate and have great intentions), pretty much makes manually curating less of a rewarding time consuming task; which points to diesel pools as the most efficient use of time and money at this point.... as soon as better communication is happening with SPL.

Great point! Only a few accounts with all the power makes curating by the little guys almost meaningless.

Well only one account with a 30+ mill and last I checked only 20 or so accounts with a mill spt. As it is I am finding weird things with data on my spt staked with leo and hive engine. Says I only have 569k staked on LEO and 1 mill on hive engine. Maybe because I acquired other half mill of spt when system was down? People are selling their spt and can be bought under a penny now. Maybe a good time to buy but better clarification on diesel pools and how curation is tallied better defined maybe with a white paper might help more people from not selling and start buying again.
Screenshot (342).png

Strange that LEO and Hive Engine have such a large discrepancy. When I just check my wallet they both report the same amount.

yeah Dynamicgreentk has 100k staked and spt-curate 1 mill staked. until just an hour ago there was only a 3x diff in curation rewards not 10x, for weeks. I had both voting at 100% on same content every two hours. I even bought 5g (usd) worth of delegated hive power from blocktrades for dynamicsteemians to lay down nice upvotes on SPL content too. But with the way SPL is being managed, how they ignore small investors, changing databases after frying servers that were at center of lawsuit that details exactly what the SEC wants to go after to now inconsistent curation rewards with spt to no tech support or anyone taking any liabilities for anything... just like a corporation. I wanted to spend more on SPL but I am left thinking I should wait for a whitepaper and invest into ETH and BTC instead. I went the distance with curating content manually on SPL content but SPL only ignored me and told me not to invest further while ignoring concerning issues where returns were diminishing past 100k invested with spt curation. Then agg hides like a coward when market crashes. With the 3.6 mill invested into SPL now from the Enjin, Polygon chains and blockchain hedge funds; I dont know how much control agg or matt has anymore of SPL.

Also Leo and Hive engine show the same numbers until I look at the Rewards section on LEO, that hive engine doesnt have, where it shows only 500k staked going towards curation and when using that number my curation rewards make way more sense.

All very good points. I mix it up by delegating a small portion of my stake as they do upvote content that I want to support.

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You have a much bigger stake than I do so I can understand spreading it around some to support more posts without a lot more effort. With my little stake, I felt I was able to do a better job supporting some of the posts that might get overlooked by the big dogs. Also, not everyone has the same opinion about which content is worthy.

not everyone has the same opinion about which content is worthy.

So very true, and is one of the reasons some of the SPT content gets missed. Quaility is in the eye of the beholder.

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I delegated 1/3 of my SPT (a tiny amount) and I still do manual curation for good content.
But frankly speaking, too many posts without good content on Splintertalk at the moment.

Its like that on every frontend. Some are new to blogging and doing their best, others are just farming rewards. There's still tons of great content amoung the mix.

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It does have the great contents. It's just harder to find them 😉

Great way of thinking & I agree. I have been buying & powering up when I can as I want to see more SPT on these posts.

I completely agree - I only do manual curation, I have a little, about 80,000 tokens, and I also reduce spam (which has become a lot)

80,000 is a decent amount. Thanks for contributing to the manual curation of SPT and all of HIVE.

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Not only do whales delegate @monster-curator, but also a lot of small accounts. Sometimes one does not know what is more profitable if doing it yourself or delegating it to others. I guess it depends on how much time you have.

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True, anyone can and does delegate to monster-crusher. Manual is likely more profitable if one was very active and attentitive with votes but that takes time. Profit aside I believe it would be more healthier for the SPT token and Splintertalk community if more held their own stake and voted.

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Thanks rentmoney. I always enjoy your posts!

Yes, this is why I created this alt account. I'd rather do curation myself than delegate it to a giant account. I just don't think it's healthy for the blockchain to have so much concentrated in one place.

Many have gone the alt account route for tribes. I mainly stick to this one account. Although I did create an SPT/BATTLE curation account @monster-crusher

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Im going to throw around a few votes right now.

Just got 15k, not a whale by a longshot, but trying to help

We all have to start somewhere. Starting with 15K is a nice step to becoming an SPT whale.

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I might have been telling you a few weeks ago that i had trouble signing in to the site with Keychain but i figured it out.

Just sucks that the browser in keychain is a little janky. Just threw a couple votes there, I try to make 1 stop a day there.

I still haven't downloaded KeyChain. It would be nice if HiveSigner was brought back as a sign in option. I'll likely download keychain sometime this month so I can curate directly from Splintertalk.

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Thanks for the boost.

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i delegate 1000 from my 7000 spt, then i get 10000 i will delegate 1000 more :)






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Mixing it up is a wise choice.

Thanks for the !LUV.

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

Hive Power Up Month - Feedback from Day 20

Some very interesting points, it does indeed seem counter inuitive that we centralized all of the upvoting power to one party, while the initial intention was of decentralization.

Great post!

Thanks for sharing! - @alokkumar121

Is there a curator for the meme version? that i can delegate to

Not that I know of.

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I think that your idea @rentmoney of having more manual curation is a good one. This would get more personal involvement in the blockchain which always adds quality.

Plus, more manual curation means that the votes are spread out more, allowing more people to benefit in this wonderful tribe. I've only recently started collecting spt and playing SL, but it's been an absolute blast.

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