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RE: SunThursday is back as well - Contest #28 starting now!

in #sunthursday9 months ago

Hi @uwelang, welcome back to the contest. In fact I will be part of the court and I will try to make the best and fair decision of the winners and participate in the next round!


Do we have the winners?

Hello @uwelang happy day There are only 3 participants, I do not understand why not more!This is the order: 1st.- @ tinman88, 2nd. @ kohsamui99 and 3rd. @eolianpariah. Congratulations participate

thanks for the vote but there must be more than 3 entries

Thank you @maxili63 that was not a difficult one for you nice to have more entries where has everyone gone 🤣

hahaha if I had to do a raffle all the entries were good and beautiful .!!

Haha, your right about that @maxili63 have a great day 👍

Yeah a shame - and most often the same people, no idea what to do on promotion to be honest. Thx for judging!

Quiet that the next one that comes there will be many participants, you will see!

Hi there, @maxili63 Thank you very much for choosing my post for first place am very much honored and thank you @uwelang for overriding my mistake, hopefully we get more participating on the next round.

Hello @ tinman88, your sunset images are very very beautiful, the lack of more participant hurts, let's wait for the next contest and it must be better.

Thank you maxili63 let's hope in the next contest more turn up :)

@tinman88 - a slight change of plan for voting prize given the HF25 changes - can you reply to this so we can vote your comment for the prize?

With pleasure thank you @uwelang have a great day :)