More Money for Less Work

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Hello to everyone. Recently I've been hearing a noise from the back of my car. It was also making a very loud noise when I closed my trunk lid. Since my car is a hatchback and an old car, the tailgate is quite heavy. I think this also contributed to the emergence of this situation.

I finally identified the problem. The adhesive on my trunk glass had worn off and the glass was starting to separate from the vehicle. I am very lucky that I did not drop the glass somewhere on the way. 😀

I went to the auto industry today because I was worried about breaking or losing the glass. And I talked to the auto glazier. He said he would solve this problem for 300 TL. All he had to do was take the glass off and re-glue it.


Just last year, I had the windshield removed and replaced for 150 TL. I don't understand how this job has doubled in one year.

It is also said that there is a risk of breaking the glass while doing this process. However, no auto glazier bears the expense of this possibility. We almost pay the insurance fee, but the insurance does not cover the costs. 😀

As a result, I paid this money because there were no other alternatives in my place and I wanted to get rid of this risk as soon as possible. Again, my luck was with me, the process was completed without any damage to the glass.

However, people and institutions that demand a lot of money for this little work have always bothered me. Their excuse is always inflation, material being overpriced... The material is getting more expensive, yes, but I don't understand how labor costs increase at the same rate and rate.

Either we learn everything and we can handle our own business. Or so it will continue. The second possibility seems much stronger.


Yes sometimes it's the cost of materials go up or even there is a shortage of skilled workers etc., Generally the issue is money. I've found certain skills can be covered provided people make enough money and they feel its worth it.

I'm what you may call a ubi advocate. UBI is good in helping to alleviate issues such as this. Although i've tried to show the crypto space the importance of ideas like ubi to fix car repairs to help people feed their families to get over the humps and use blockchain tech to create one of the best use cases. they still living back in the 20th century. Most are still trying to use capitalist greed and the worse forms of capitalism to solve issues and its not working its getting worse. So i expect not only car repairs to go higher but materials and we just looking at disaster looming and we're doing a bad job of addressing it everyone here. So its going to bite us bad. Alot of people will find themselves in your position or much much worse.

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Thanks. This troubled situation has become like our destiny. Hope we get it straight.

We can when we start using our brains but some of us still under a fantasy we can drive lambos in a troubled economy instead of building practical useful systems we prefer to gamble and participate in ponzi pyramid schemes.

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