Mainstream Media IS Fake News

in #newslast year

CNN's ratings have been falling considerably over the past year since Donald Trump had his election stolen by the lying mainstream media and it seems like these other major networks are desperate for viewers since then. The "Trump Bump" is practically now over and major "news providers" are suffering the repercussions of propping up arguably one of the worst presidents in the last 3 decades, 'President' Joe Biden.

I hate networks like CNN, MSNBC, and ABC News for their disgusting bias, especially when it came to the Black Lives Matter terrorists (the rioters) and the utter silence of the ANTIFA terrorists. They chose a side in this conflict and did whatever they could to belittle conservative anti-lockdown protests, essentially fear-mongering the public into believing that peaceful protests are dangerous for society during the China Virus breakout while asserting that BLM riots are "fiery but peaceful protests". CNN and other networks were exposed by Project Veritas over their sensationalist news regarding Trump and his supporters. These networks took great advantage of the political situation that occurred on January 6 and continue to milk the situation as much as they can. Bleeding the sanity of their viewers.

Lies after lies, scandals after scandals these disgusting networks used their viewers as useful tools for their political games. Riling up minorities into believing white people hate them and pushing rhetoric to instigate race conflict in America. They live off the philosophy that "if it bleeds, it leads" for headlines during their primetime shows on TV. They ignore racial attacks from black people against Asians or white people but highlight white-on-black crime as if it is a grand epidemic plaguing the American psyche. "America is racist" is the idea they push into the minds of their viewers constantly repeating the narrative so that the public can stay tuned to the next bullshit reporting they commit into. They truly disgust me.

The real news isn't shared with the American public, it's all agenda-driven nonsense, and with all this rhetoric it has led to Joe Biden in the White House because the American people were LIED to. We got a braindead old man - an actual RACIST in office thanks to their lies. Turn off the TV, don't read their "news", reject their FAKE NEWS at every turn!