Found a Giant Reishi Mushroom!

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Going For a Walk Around the Neighborhood

We look down and see this strangely familiar mushroom. Where have we seen this before? Some mushroom have a certain look that can identify them as beneficial. We saw the flat and round growth and the firm, rubbery texture. The underside was not gilled, but had many many tiny pores.

This mushroom is a Reishi mushroom.


No Poisonous Look-Alikes

One of the dangers of foreging for mushrooms is the potential of mis-identifying them and consuming something poisonous. Thankfully, the Reishi is unmistakable.



This mushroom grew on a small piece of rotting wood inbedded in a grassy clover patch. You can still see the clover leaves and grass that the mushroom grew through!

Identifying Reishi

This mushroom is identified by it's spongey texture, it's dark color and lacquer gloss in the center and light color around the edges. The bottom is soft and easily bruises. Also, it has a very pleasant and familiar odor, very earthy. Even after drying for several days, it still has that nice mushroom smell.

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Any Ideas What I Should Do With This Treasure?

I've read methods for making a tincture, but I don't have a lot of experience making tinctures. Another suggestion is simply drying it and grinding it into a powder that could be added to tea. Or steep it in water and drink that as a tea.

Are there any other suggestions?


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did you guys eat it?

Not yet.


Is it a magic mushroom? or just plane food??

Bit of a joke, it's medicinal, but not psychedelic. We're still drying it, probably going to make a tincture or powder.