Rising star weekly update with our favourite card for the week and a little tip!

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We though we would do a regular update on what we are up to and how we are doing on Rising Star. We do love it so much so give it a go if you are not playing.

Our progress so far

We are currently in position 23rd on the leader board and seem to be stuck there! It is a good place but still trying to Rise a bit higher....

Favourite card for the week

Every week we will highlight our favourite card for the week. This week it is the Pizza bike which you can only buy with $PIZZA which you can buy on the exchange or if you go to the Radio Evolved show on a Sunday we might be there throwing pizza about! You can find out all the things about Pizza at their website and there awesome road map! https://hive.pizza/ Who doesn't love Pizza?


The Stick Up Boys tip for the week

This week our tip for newbies is if in doubt or have a question then ask in the discord there are many players there that will help! The devs are busy making more cool things and other players can generally help! To be honest if we have a question we ask @foxon who knows most things about everything.

Our NFT records in the game

As musicians one of our favourite things is having our records in the game! You can buy our records as well as stake on them. This is an amazing thing for artists to get more exposure for their music and earn a few starbits. It is also a brilliant way for you to support artists on the blockchain! Here is our record suggestion for this week that you can go and buy now is "Leaving it for you", it ain't cheap, but it is good and there are not many left!


Start Playing

If you have not started playing Rising Star yet then you should as it is a great game and you can earn some crypto too! Here is the link


I would recommend joining the discord, it is a fun place and great for chatting to others about RS here is the link https://discord.com/invite/dbB6Jc7


the Stick Up Boys

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Over half way to hoping up my next mega pack 12 packs total for 100,000 starbits at 64k now with a 3k mission about to be complete! Let's hope I get one of those Pizza bikes!

Nice one! I hope you get a SUB card! !PIZZA

@bitcoinflood! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @stickupboys.

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Love you guys! Thanks for the great post!