Hive price 100921

in #hivelast month

I like to watch HIVE and HBD
closely, and will continue to do so.

0.775 (-)

down from 0.859 USD, 2 days ago

1.040 (+)

up from 1.020 USD, 2 days ago

HIVE/HBD Charts today


2 Days ago

HIVE was 0.85 and HBD was 1.02

What is your HIVE/HBD strategy moving forward?
Remember to put your HBD in 3 day savings
and Power Up your HIVE to stake it!

Take a look back at prices 3 months ago. /


Leo/Created (LEO) PeakD
1 LEO = 0.34336448 HIVE / 0.2640 USD
BroadHive (BHT) PeakD
1 BHT = 0.00051 HIVE / 0.00039 USD
NeoxianCity (NEOXAG) PeakD
1 NEOXAG = 0.00191 HIVE / 0.0014 USD
1 CENT = 0.015 HIVE / 0.0115 USD
Politics (PAY)
1 PAY = 0.00001999 HIVE / 0.00001537 USD
HiveList (LIST) PeakD
1 LIST = 0.0143 HIVE / 0.0115 USD
POB/Created (POB)
1 POB = 0.30895 HIVE / 0.2375 USD


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Oh lord you had Hive, I was rolling around in these dollars from selling the top decided when to stop the hookers and buy back


They balance each other. I'm waiting for one of the two to take off and pull the other one with it.

It is interesting, HBD did rise to meet HIVE when it peaked at 1.06 last week, but HBD was still higher.

Nice both tokens holding well. Love the fact that hbd is becoming more stable as it should be. I hope to see hive go past $1 again.

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