250 HP Target Completed

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Hello there. I reached 200 Constant HP today last week. I made a post about it and wrote that I set a goal of reaching 250 fixed HP in a week. I just collected the rewards for that post. I also Power Up about 17 Hives. And I achieved my 50 HP target in 1 week.

Now I want to set a new goal. It should be a realistic goal. Again, I want to increase 50 HP in 1 week. I will power up the part where my curator and writer income is not enough.

I have a target of 3,000 fixed HP by the end of 2021. I don't know how realistic it is. But if nothing goes wrong, I believe I will do it. For this, I have to work hard both as a writer and as a curator. I will make the necessary effort.

See you in the new goals we have reached.

Take care of yourself and your hive. Good evening.

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With your delegation of 9000 HP it should be possible if you post good content and if you are active, if you comment and vote other users

I am quite active. I try to post good content. I'm also voting. I refrain from commenting for the sake of commenting. If I'm really interested in the subject, I comment. That's why I have very few comments. But I believe that I will achieve this goal as well.

I am also only commenting if i am interested.
Most of my comments are also in the germen community.
I will reach my 400Hp soon and hope to get till end of the year over 1000. I have only 100 HP of delegation, i won 500 in my first month here. That helped me a lot.

Good success without delegation, that is, without curation income. I'm targeting 3,000 constant hp by the end of the year. I hope we succeed.

I hope too😁