Contest Winners: SunThursday edition 27

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Here come the top 3 entries

Really glad to see the ongoing high quality submissions (it became better also in quantity again) for our Sun Thursday*. Many thanks to @tinman88 for judging and to all content submitters.

As always all winners will receive their additional HIVE prize from me soon. The "vote prizes" have been delivered already.

Now back to the winners - check the great photography skills of our winners and re-visit them frequently.

🥇Winner #1 @maxili63

🥈Winner #2 @kohsamui99

🥉Winner #3 @popcorn24

Below the rules for the upcoming contests - edition 28 to start July 15!

What to win

This is a fun contest where I still am searching for sponsors - for now the following rewards will be paid to the three winners:

1. Prize: 3 Hive
2. Prize: 2 Hive
3. Prize: 1 Hive

PLUS - all three will receive a "little" UPVOTE by @theycallmedan - thanks for supporting this!

Looking for community sponsors

Please comment or DM me if you want to support great photography content creators.

How can I win?

Please create a post using the tag #SunThursday showing your own original photography or video work covering the sun or write about positivity which I link to the sun which enabled and maintains the possibility of life in general. The three best submissions will receive their prize token after 7(or 14) days. The decision is made by myself for now - considering suggestions.

The rules

  • Post photography, video or written content covering the topic SUN
  • Use the tag #SunThursday as your first tag
  • Add link to your submission in the comments ideally
    v- Consider to "vote&reblog" this post to spread the contest (not mandatory but it might help)
  • Only original (your own) content will qualify


Hi, @uwelang, I'm the only one starting the contest again before I see your starting post. I believed what you said here (edition 28 to start July 15!). If the contest is no longer held, for a holiday or other reasons, then a pleasant holiday for all of us!
This is my post, in case it still matters!

A Short Walk Behind The Sun


Thank you @uwelang for taking your time to run this awesome contest and like to thank @tinman88 for doing the job of judging and all the awesome sponsors 👍

Congrats to all the winners

😊 Thank you ! Have a nice day, my friend!

Hi there, @uwelang I was honored and congrats to all the winners.

Beautifful beach ! the water so calm down. Love that ❤️

Thanks so much 😀

Hello @uwelang, thank you very much for the opportunity and the mention in this great contest of which I am a fan number 1, I also thank @ tinman88, for participating as a judge and @theycallmedan for their support and congratulations to the other participants.


A bit overrewarded for announcing winners of a contest and the 6 hive price in total given out.

I see - a bit strange I get flagged with my own delegated stake by you guys but feel free what you want to protect the reward pool. Not complaining but.....