Winners of SunThursday #31

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Look at these awesome contest submissions

Wow, great content, awesome photography - this is one thing why I still like the social media part of this Hive blockchain so much! Please check the top three of the last SunThursday contest edition. Many thanks to @whynotcamp for selecting great entries and a lot kudos to all submitting Hive lovers.

As always all winners will receive their additional HIVE prize from me soon. The "vote prizes" are being delivered once the top 3 are commenting on this post.

Now back to the winners - check the great photography skills of our winners and re-visit them frequently.

🥇Winner #1 @pardinus

🥈Winner #2 @kohsamui99

🥉Winner #3 @itmevu101

Below the rules for the upcoming contests - edition 32 to start October 21!

What to win

This is a fun contest where I still am searching for sponsors - for now the following rewards will be paid to the three winners:

1. Prize: 3 Hive
2. Prize: 2 Hive
3. Prize: 1 Hive

PLUS - all three will receive a "little" UPVOTE by @theycallmedan - thanks for supporting this!

Looking for community sponsors

Please comment or DM me if you want to support great photography content creators.

How can I win?

Please create a post using the tag #SunThursday showing your own original photography or video work covering the sun or write about positivity which I link to the sun which enabled and maintains the possibility of life in general. The three best submissions will receive their prize token after 7(or 14) days. The decision is made by myself for now - considering suggestions.

The rules

  • Post photography, video or written content covering the topic SUN
  • Use the tag #SunThursday as your first tag
  • Add link to your submission in the comments ideally
    v- Consider to "vote&reblog" this post to spread the contest (not mandatory but it might help)
  • Only original (your own) content will qualify

Congratulations to all who entered!

A big round of applause to @pardinus for his first place win!
Let's hear it for the second place that goes to @kohsamui99

And finally cheers and beers for the third place @itmevu101

Great Job Everyone!!!

Thank you @dswigle have a lovely evening 😊

You too!

Thank you so much@dswigle

Absolutely! Congratulations!

Thank you and cheers! !BEER

You sent me 50 HBD, sure a mistake, sending back later @dswigle

No. I sent 50, but, it was two transactions. Sorry for the confusion. @uwelang

Thank you @uwelang and sponsors @dswigle and @theycallmedan for organizing and supporting this fantastic event. I'd also want to thank @whynotcamp for selecting my post for 3rd place, which I greatly appreciate. Guys, wonderfully done.

Congratulations to you! I raise my glass to you!

Thanks a ton for organising this cool contest! Congrats to the other winners, snd good luck everyone!

Thank you @uwelang and to the sponsors @dswigle and @theycallmedan for running and supporting this great contest and also like to thank @waynotcamp for choosing my post for 2nd place very much appreciated also congratulations to @pardinus and @itmevu101 well done guys 👍

Is the 32nd #SunThursday going on today?
Today I made my first entry to this contest, but I currently do not see any other entries. I thought that this is a weekly thing.

It is actually bi weekly but indeed starting today, need to get the post done still :-)

WOW, dass obere Bild ist ja mal der Wahnsinn, mega schön. Da möcht man direkt hinfahren und Urlaub machen 😍

@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 80/100) Liquid rewards.

Congratulations for every winner. I have not participated in the #SunThursday contest so far, but I will try to post something for this contest on the next Thursday.

I wish a nice day and a nice week to everyone.
All the best.

Congratulations to all winners and who are participating this contest. It's really amazing sun Thursday contest.

Excellent photos!

I congratulate all the winners and wish the others good luck next time, thanks for organizing this.
Count me in for @thegolden
I am grateful to you

Congratulations to all the winners hope to see you all in the next round :)