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The fourth liquidity pool of CENT Token has become active. As of today, I created the HBD/Cent pool. I added 209 HBD and 21000 CENT to the pool. I also activated the liquidity provider rewards. I added some bounties. I will add more rewards over time.
You can access the HBD/Cent liquidity pool at https://tribaldex.com/dieselpools/. You can trade HBD/CENT and CENT/HBD in the pool. There will be no problem in trading transactions made in small quantities. However, if you want to trade large volumes, you may receive a price shift alert. This problem will disappear as the liquidity in the pool increases.
I will try to open more liquidity pools over time. More liquidity provider rewards will be added. Two communities are currently supported, Cent and Q&A. The reward pool continues to crawl these community pages as well as the 'cent' tag. A while ago Cent was released with a volatile price. Cent inflation is lower than most Hive Engine tokens. Despite this, we will focus on token burning processes.

Announcements about Cent will now be made from @centtoken. The tokens in the @balina account and most of the tokens in this account will go back to the @centtoken account, which becomes the manager account. Therefore, I initiate unstake on both accounts. Now, with the @anadolu account provide liquidity to pools, add rewards, delegation etc I will need to buy Cent for other transactions. I get some liquidity provider rewards from cent pools. However, it is planned to distribute the tokens in the next rounds, except for Cent. I do not aim to generate income from the project in the short term. Work continues with the excitement when the token was created. More enhancement and usability features will be added. Follow @centtoken. See you.

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Pools at HIVE are becoming very popular lately. It seems like a good initiative.

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I agree. I hope it becomes a denunciation center. Because there is no such environment without transaction fees. It also works fast. There are many positive features compared to other platforms. For example: I have repeatedly paid $30-50$ fees for transaction acceleration on the ETH chain. As people notice such things, they will come to the Hive Blockchain.

Yay! 🤗
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Really good idea ! Being in the first tokens to have LP rewards will for sure bring people to buy it to put it in LP ! !PIZZA

@anadolu! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @ykretz.

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