Using Affiliate Earnings To Purchase Splinterland Cards

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I know what you are thinking, " Rentmoney how are you going to get FREE Splinterland cards". Be patient my friends I'm going to tell you my secret.

All one needs to do is use affiliate earnings to purchase cards directly from the Splinterlands Market. For those that don't know players can earn 5% Rev Share on *purchases made from accounts who have signed up to Splinterlands using their specific affiliate link.

Example: Your friend uses your link to sign up to Splinterlands and then purchases the SpellBook for $10 USD. Congrats your account will be credited with 500 credits ($0.50 Cents).

To find your affiliate link go to the official Splinterlands site and click your profile name, under it you will see a link displayed called Affiliate Program. Click that link and then copy and paste the URL code displayed. Mine looks like this,


You can copy and paste that code where-ever you like (No Spamming) and if someone clicks it and then joins Splinterlands you will get credit for their future purchases. I usually always leave my Splinterlands affiliate link within my Splinterland topics and I suggest you do the same.

Now that you know my secret go forth and tell all your friends about this awesome game. Give them your affiliate link to sign up and you both win. They will get to play this awesome game and you will get to earn some juicy affiliate earnings.

Below is a video showing me purchasing some CHAIN SPINNERs and CHARLOK MINOTAURs using my affiliate earnings. Both purchased cards are Common Reward cards. This means they can be attained for free in Rewards Chests. I think both cards current USD price is undervalued so I'm going to snatch a few of them up before a potential price jump. If I'm wrong and the price goes down at least I'll have some extra cards in my collection that only cost me my affiliate credits earned.

Purchasing Cards

With Affiliate Earnings

What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is an online blockchain game built on the Hive Network. It utilizes NFT's for game play. These NFT's and other in game assets are tradable and have real monetary value. Click here to play or to invest in Splinterlands today.

Watch A Splinterlands Battle Below:



The Minotaurs of Charlok are friends of the Exploding Dwarves of the Burning Lands. Although Minotaurs and Dwarves come from very different genetic backgrounds, both Charlok races emerged from the wreckage following the underground fall of Prujic, the Dwarven city of greed. These Minotaurs of flame hail from the same molten origins of the deep as the Exploding Dwarves, which Ferexia scholars have recently named Charlok. It was so named because only creatures of pure fire could have survived in the superheated furnace of the Planet. Since Prujic’s fall, Dwarves and Minotaurs alike have continually emerged and found their way to the surface, where the greater levels of oxygen have only made their flames and powers grow. In the shadow of the highest Molten Mountain, they have built together the emblazoned camp, where the two races are seeming to consolidate their power in the Splinterlands. The Charlok Minotaurs can also be summoned to tournament battle, where they are happy to demonstrate their thirst for fiery destruction.



Chain Spinners of the Order never show their faces. They were only recently released from Cloudgard Castle, where they were specially trained to hunt down and bring to justice all members of the rebellious sect known as Peacebringers. Their chains, which were ordained as a sacred weapon by the words of a High Priest’s recent vision, represent the wrath of Khymia when her people have failed her for too long. They are currently marching through the Khymerian villages searching everywhere and paying little regard to those who have lived there peacefully for generations. Peacebringer propaganda can already be found blowing in the wind that paints these enforcers not as Khymian or Human, but as heartless creatures of evil Dragon crafting.


*Lore taken from official splinterlands site.

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@rentmoney! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @eii.

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That is a great idea to use affiliate earnings to increase your assets in the game.

Free is always the best price for cards.

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I finally got my first affiliate signup thanks to your advice. Here's hoping that they purchase the Spellbook and about a thousand booster packs.

Awesome, hopefully thats the start of many more to come :)

Lol again I find something useful in your posts. I gonna try invite my colleagues.
Thanks m8
Happy splintertime

Good luck with your affiliate earnings.

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Just to thank you I already have three colleagues joining the Community.
Thanks again

Awesome news, congrats on the sign ups and good luck to yoru colleagues on their Splinterlands Journey.


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@dekleine043! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @rentmoney.

Did you know you can now buy Rising Star packs with $PIZZA? (1/10)

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