The New Rewards Legendary Cards: DJINN BILJKA + HARKLAW & DJINN OSHANNUS

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Dawn of the Djinn 1 of 4 - The Thousand Year War before the Splintering never really ended. Dozens of Belludae (ancient demons of war) officers had been taken prisoner, but their fates had yet to be decided. Belludae sorcerers of such a high degree were notoriously difficult to kill, so other plans had to be made.

The most powerful and oldest of the Belludae could not simply be killed by any physical means. They are able to change forms and escape nearly any situation. Just a few years before the Splintering, an Efreet magical discovery made it possible for Belludae souls to be captured from unmoving Belludae bodies. The trick is to trap the Demon in an item of value. Some of the Belludae elite were placed in jeweled flasks, while others were locked in chests. They were trapped in lamps, vases, ornate boxes and urns. All these objects, once sealed, were placed in a secure vault underground, and a few weeks later, the Splintering happened. A massive schism split the vault into pieces, warping and dividing the land and carrying the Belludae soul containers to different locations. There the containers rested for nearly 900 years.


Harklaw has achieved the highest degree of Dark Eternal existence in this realm. For many years it has been ready to cross over to the dark reality, but it has graciously stayed behind. Such is the tradition with the greatest Dark Eternal sorcerers of all time to help with the conversion and advancement of others.

Little does the Lord of Darkness know that Harklaw stays behind not to help his fellow Dark to oneness, but to pursue selfish and secret goals. Harklaw has already won the loyalty of some of the Dark Lord’s closest confidants, and together they are concocting a scheme to dethrone him forever.


Dawn of the Djinn 3 of 4 - The Djinn are angry at the way they were tricked by the Planet, but also appreciative that they can now enjoy this limited freedom, each trapped by natural forces. The Djinn possess powerful ancient magic of their own, which is now charged into the force of one element for each of them. The ancient demons of war are an awkward bunch to be chosen as a planetary defensive force, but they are also impressively capable of the job. As long as they are bound by the Planet, they will do its bidding. Whatever their would-be choices and allegiances, they will fight against the Chaos Legion to protect the sixth mana gate.

Yesterday the Splinterlands community seen a wide range of new Reward Cards introduced to the game. In fact 21 new cards have now been introduced. Among these new cards are three Legendary Cards (DJINN BILJKA + HARKLAW & DJINN OSHANNUS). All three are amazing cards and are currently selling from $44-$58 USD on the Splinterlands market. Their images and current sales information can be seeen screenshoted below. Let me know in the comment sections which one is your favorite. The above lore has been taken from the official Splinterlands site.




Splinterlands Card MarketCap


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I think Djinn Biljka is my favorite of the three. Hopefully I will soon flip each of them and then I can tell you for sure. I am a little surprised that the Market Cap is still trending down. I expected the new cards to give the market a big boost. I can only guess that people are dumping old cards and a bargain to get the new shiny expensive cards.

I suspect the drop in marketcap is because DEC dropped in value. Today a $1 USD card cost more DEC to purchase then it did a handful of days ago. Card prices might be adjusting to that but who knows for sure. I agree Djinn Biljka might be my favorite as well but I'll have to test them in battle first before I lock in my decision.

Price of Djinn Biljka dropped significant, so it's time to get one if you haven't had it yet.
I prefer Harklaw as I'm playing DEATH at the moment.

Nice! Thanks for the tip, I'm going to look now.

i'm dying to get these cards on my hands bro....all 3 of them are astonishing dont you think?

Yes, all the new cards look great.

Good luck with flipping them in your rewards sooner rather then later.

I really hope I get the djinn tomorrow from rewards. That would make me switch from fire to water. I got the lava card today for my fire build. Also curious how the chaos fire cards gonna be especially the summoners.
For the new players it's very good theres a 50% chance for cards from rewards. Really think that makes a difference for them. Again good post and happy splintertime

I'm sure new players are very happy with the new change. Good luck with hunting down that Djinn.

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This new edition is really fabulous

Thanks for the curation.


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love the oshannus