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Today we flip the script on the negative definition of Shill and turn it into something positive.

About a week ago I asked the readers of my blog to "Shill Me Their Blog". They did just that, some even shilled other Hive Blockchain members blogs. Since those who participated took time out of their day to Shill for me I'm going to spend the day visiting and highlighting a post (if available) of each and every Hiven who participated. The original post can be found by clicking the following highlighted link, Shill Me Your Blog. For those who don't know what shill is...

We flip the script on that negative definition above and turned it into something positive. Hopefully those who shilled in the Shilling post read the shilling of others and found something interesting to read but if you missed the opportunity to do so, no worries because as I already noted I'm going to highlight the blogs of the participants below. Click the highlighted links above the images to visit that specific post.

Highlighted Post


Black and White Photography Challenge #11


Interview #2: Who is Grapthar?

No Pain?


Unloved Cards #4 (With Give-Away)


Secret Dream ~ Haiku of Japan


Fake toonies that look pretty convincing


Pineapple Dole Whip



Our Place Among the Stars


I reached the Bronze I League


Just some mumblings.



The Fade Out



My Biggest Online Pet Peeve


It's Not Time to Leave Splinterlands


Polygon Brownie


Spidey BIGGS Art In The Hizzy…Again…


Photos of Nude Living #14

There were too many entries for me to give a description of each so instead I let their images do the talking. Most images showcased under a link is an image that is located in the highlighted link above it. All posts highlighted in this topic are SFW (safe for work). Thank You to everyone who participated. Good Luck on your HIVE Journey.

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That "no complain, no blame, no pain" from is so true. If everyone would behave like this, then life would be much easier. But people often tend to overcomplicate it (or "simply" make it diffult). Of course many people to make it easier. That is what we should do. Helping and supporting each other. Working together.

Have a nice day. All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.

Thanks for Shilling my blog!

Thanks and keep up the good work @rentmoney

I do not like words with negative connotations. It makes those who are trying to learn not want to learn.
Shill, noob, newb and the various other spellings of words that can turn a person away from a subject of interest.
We are creators yet we act like competitors. Each individual brings a unique perspective that should be celebrated not feared.
I would like to see more people "flip the script" like this.

I shill other and you shill me. Thanks bru some !PIZZA and !BEER for you.

no complain, no blame, no pain

Just moving in the way and never look behind, this is the secret of success.

Thank you!!!


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Yipppee! Thank you so much for sharing my post, @rentmoney ! I really appreciate it! :) Hope you're doing well and are excited about tomorrow!! :)

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Thats some good shillin, my brillin. Thanks for supporting my bits of shilling too bro. I been following xplosive for a while too, and gregory f is a beast too.

Youre a beast too Rent. Id drop a tip bot but i think im out, and pizza seems like its acting upm