Introducing HIVEME.ME And NFT Creation (Get Your FREE Delegations Now)

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With communities and Tribes being born left right and center its understandable if you let this gem slip past you but no worries your old pal RentMoney is here and he took notice. If you let him, RentMoney is about to help you get the ball rolling with becoming that whale you always wanted to be. Its likely you seen many here on HIVE with whale amounts of Hive Power. Its likely you seen the LEO Power stacks of your fellow Hivens. Its likely you seen the SPT stacks of the Splinterland whales and looked on with slight envy. Its now your turn to join the elite group known as WHALES. It won't be easy, it will take hard work and dedication. Very few things that are worthwhile are attained by being lazy. Its time to get your butt in gear and start stacking MEME.

Readers: "Heck Yeah, I'm Pumped; Lets Do This! But what the heck are you talking about RentMoney!"

RentMoney:"HIVEME.ME and NOW is the time to get in at the ground floor."

As I noted above (clever URL isn't it) is a very new Tribe. Getting started within a cryptocurrency blog site when it first launches provides a massive leg up with becoming a WHALE. Its much easier to earn the Tribes token when the Tribe is just starting out. As popularity grows in such cryptocurrency communities so does the work needed to gain a whale like stack. Picking a Tribe to support can be tricky as there are many of them and we only have so much room for tags. This is why Tribes need to stand out from each other and does just that. Its focus is on MEME's and MEME NFT creation. I mean who doesn't like a good MEME. Combine that fact with the ever so hot NFT craze we are currently experiencing and HIVEME.ME is recipe for success.

Readers: "That Sounds Great, I'm In."

Purchase MEME On Hive-Engine:
Purchase MEME On LeoDex:


"Hold Up, I'm Not Done Helping Yet!".

Free 25,000 MEME Delegation For 10 Users

That's right, I'm serious about helping you become a MEME whale but remember with great power comes great responsibility (Thank You Uncle Ben). Once you become a whale you can't just splash your max upvote around willy nilly. Those max upvotes are reserved for the best of the best MEME creations, posts and content creators. Of course its your stake and you can do with it as you please and that is the beauty of blockchain. On offer here today will be Ten 25,000 MEME delegations. In order to help as many Hivens as I can I thought it best that the delegations stay for roughly one month and then removed and offered up again for raffle to a batch of new HIVENS who are looking to become a MEME WHALE. New Tribe (Check) a stake to grow (Check), its all here waiting for you and all you need to do is request to be in the Delegation Raffle below in the comment section. In roughly Seven days from this post creation (Feb.5th/2022) a random number generator will choose FIVE of the ten delegation winners. I reserve the right to hand pick the remaining FIVE winners. Winners will be announced in a new post and I reserve the right to remove the delegations without notice.

What Are NFT's?


How To Create An NFT On HiveME.ME

  • Go to
  • Sign in using your Hive Network Posting Key
  • Navigate to top of page
  • Locate and click the NFT link displayed
  • Under NFT Market click MINT
  • Follow the displayed instructions

Each NFT creation costs 600 MEME to create. Each additional edition of a specific MEME will cost an additional 100 MEME. NFT creation on HIVEME.ME can be created in Audio, Image and Video form. When creating your NFT you will have two options of rights to choose from. The first being Private and the second Limited Production Rights.


By selecting 'Private' the owner has no rights to reproduce or use the work commercially. By selecting 'Limited Reproduction Rights' the artist grants the owner full commercial rights for the work to be used or recreated in commerce, but does not give away the creator's license. If you are unsure which to use selecting Private is your best option. You need to be whitelisted before being granted permission to create NFT's on HiveME.ME. Getting Whitelisted is an easy and pain free process. Simply follow the NFT creation guide above and you will find the section in which will allow you to get whitelisted.


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Just purchased 20K MEME based on your recommendation. My upvote is now worth about 36 MEME. So if I win the 25K delegation it will be an additional bonus.

That is a nice stack to start with. Its still early and everyone likes a good MEME. I think the Tribe holds some potential but only time will tell. Good luck with your investment. Congrats, You will be one of the five hand picked delegation winners. The delegation will be applied when the winners post is created.

(I should of added: Not financial advice to my post).

Haha I did notice that you forgot to add a 'not financial advice' disclaimer. Not that it would have changed my decision to invest. Thanks for choosing me as one of the winners!


been stacking those meme tokens for ages now :P

!giphy awesome

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Sounds like a cool project.

!giphy cool

Diablos!!! I didn't know there was a dedicated MeMe tribe on Hive it's cool let's go for that delegation , I want to be a MeMe Whale on Hive , hold on OCD because here I come 😂.

!giphy whale

The ROI right now on MEME is very VERY good. As with all of these tribes it will drop, so now is the time get get that head start! !LOLZ !PIZZA

Agreed, now is the time to stack.

Thanks for the !LOLZ and !PIZZA.

If I don’t perfect human cloning
I won’t be able to live with myself.

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I told the Starbuck's clerk my name was Marc with a C
When I got my coffee it was marked Clark.

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My goal is 1 million....i think i am still in the jellyfish category. So yes please ill toss my mouse in the ring for a delegation. Thanks mate..

!giphy jellyfish

!LOL No need to pee on those stings....


opps....I meant,


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Hey @marshmellowman, here is a little bit of BEER from @rentmoney for you. Enjoy it!

Do you want to win SOME BEER together with your friends and draw the BEERKING.

How do trees get on the internet?
They log in.

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I have some meme tokens especially from the beginning, but I have to confess that I have never taken it too seriously.😂

I wasn’t originally going to get a brain transplant
but then I changed my mind.

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Thanks for the !LOLZ.

If I don’t perfect human cloning
I won’t be able to live with myself.

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That could be an NFT if you mint it on :)


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How do trees get on the internet?
They log in.

Credit: dksart
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What's green and sits in the corner?
A naughty frog.

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very nice for you to do this for people and promote the community same time! love it!




Thanks for the tip tokens.


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@rentmoney(2/5) gave you LUV. H-E tools | connect | <><

An atom walks into a bar and says I think I lost an electron in here
Bartender: Are you positive?

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If I don’t perfect human cloning
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That would be of great help for us. especially me who dont have MEME token. Thanks for this initiative.

!giphy your welcome

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Just recently discovered MEME and picked some up on Hive-Engine. Added some power to my accoutn and am ready to roll. Put up my first post yesterday and would love to do more.

Please enter @indiebandguru in your raffle for MEME Delegation. I will use the power wisely!

Nice, I'll have to stop by your blog and read your post. Your entry is noted, good luck in the raffle!

!giphy soon

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Hadn't heard of this before so thanks for bringing it to light! Looking forward to seeing all the awesome memes and NFT's that come out of it. I don't need a delegation so don't include my name in the giveaway but do keep posting on updates, I like learning about it!


You know, I'm something of a Meme Whale myself...


I mean, I'm not. But I COULD be if I received the delegation :D

Nicely Done!

Your entry into the raffle has been noted.

!giphy draw

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Count me in, if I may!

Entry noted, good luck in the raffle.

!giphy raffle

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Thank you!

I love memes! Purchased a small amount of MEME so my upvote could do a little something, but it would be awesome to win the delegation! Count me in for the raffle!

Nice, congrats on your purchase and good luck with your investment. Your entry into the raffle has been noted.

!giphy good luck

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Amazing offer! Reblogging and sharing around I think I can cancel a bit of my delegations out and help with a 2nd round if there is a good turn out! !1UP100 !LOLZ !MEME !Giphy !PIZZA !PGM

Awesome, thanks for the help. Hopefully we get a handful more entries if so we could possibly do a second round earlier than initially planned. !BEER / !PIZZA / !LUV / !ENGAGE / !Hivebits / !ENGAGE 50

@rentmoney(1/5) gave you LUV. H-E tools | connect | <><

Sent 0.1 PGM tokens to @dynamicrypto, @rentmoney

remaining commands 1

Buy and stake 10 PGM token to send 0.1 PGM per day,
100 PGM token to send 0.1 PGM three times per day
500 to send and receive 0.1 PGM five times per day
1000 to send and receive 0.1 PGM ten times per day

Discord image.png

Support the curation account with a delegation 10 HP - 50 HP - 100 HP - 500 HP - 1000 HP

You are out of jokes for the day!

@dynamicrypto you can call @lolzbot a maximum of 1 times per day.
Level up by buying more $LOLZ so you can share more jokes per day!

There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

Haven't heard of the MEME frontend before but I'll check it out and buy some MEME token. Would love to get the Delegation as well 🤞

!gif meme


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Awesome stuff thanks for the upvote.

I'll be delegating to @meme-curator at the time of my next post.

i would love to be in this raffle, thanks!