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About a month ago Splinterlands applied some changes to the Rewards structure at the Bronze Level. This was due to bot farms/general multi accounting at Bronze (Level 3) being too profitable. Before this change was made it was too enticing to stay in the lower Leagues farming rewards with minimal investment in the game. Obviously that could not be good for the ecosystem of Splinterlands. What the devs decided to do is nix the DEC rewards for Novice/Bronze III Leagues. This means Splinterlands now requires players to have 1000 Collection Power in their accounts before they can start earning DEC in ranked play (1000 Collection Power is the min requirements for Bronze League Two).


If this change has impacted you and you aren't running a bot then you are welcome to join this 1000 Free Power delegation giveaway. I'll even let you pick a card or two that you want delegated (within reason). Cards offered for delegation are of the Rewards/Beta collections.


  • Must currently be in Novice/Bronze III
  • Must not be a bot account
  • Type, "Power Me Up" in the comment section

A winner will be choosen in 48* hours time from this post creation. A random number generator will decide the winner. The sequence of your comments will act as your raffle ticket number. The delegations will stay until this seasons end and then be removed.

What is Splinterlands

Splinterlands is an online blockchain game built on the Hive Network. It utilizes NFT's for game play. These NFT's and other in game assets are tradable and have real monetary value. Click here to play or to invest in Splinterlands.


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Another great idea for helping the little guys get a leg up in Splinterlands. Well done @rentmoney! This is another example of how the Splinterlands community is the best in the world.

The Splinterlands community does rock.

I'll power you up!

Thanks for the curation.

Very good opportunity that you offer to new users. Regards @rentmoney.

awesome brother! pay it forward! !PIZZA

Thanks for the !PIZZA

anytime brother! !PIZZA !LOLZ

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I still can't figure out y.

@rentmoney, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @forsakensushi
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Power me up

Power Me Up
Thnaks for the offer
here is some !PIZZA

Thanks for the !PIZZA

You need a !BEER as well

Hey @rentmoney, here is a little bit of BEER from @marshmellowman for you. Enjoy it!

Do you want to win SOME BEER together with your friends and draw the BEERKING.


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power me up!!!

power me up
My splinterlands account name is @myothuzar005

Please, power Me Up :-)

Just started playing, and im obsessed! im close to escaping the new p2e cutoff! :D

Power me up!