Should you invest in Splinterland's. ?

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Should you invest in Splinterland's. ?

Splinterland's is really making strong waves and it is daily attracting many players daily. Though starting in Splinterland's cost only $10 summoner spellbook but if you want to be in list of some top players that gross more than thousand buck in a month then you need to create a strong deck and you need maxed cards to reach that success.



Splinterland's Rewards cards and DEC earned in game can be significant amount and but still you have to make a decision that how you want to spend your rewards. Is Splinterland's worthy enough for you to invest your money.

I was watching the chat show of one of the Indian wealthy investor(Vijay Kedia) who has started from 0 and as of today have created wealth of more then 100 million USD.
He told for a normal user there is too much data to analyze and one can easily make investment decision using "SMILE" principle that stands for Small in size, Medium In experience, Large in aspiration and Extra large in market potential. Let me analyze Splinterland's using SMILE principle and let's find if it can be good investment.

Analyzing Splinterland's using SMILE principle

1.) Small in size
First principle is to check about size of the company, "Small in size" do not relate to size of company in terms of money but it means company market share % in which it is doing business. I see having "Million" dollar marketcap of splinterland's is really small if we compare with "Billion" dollar online gaming companies exist in market.

2.) Medium In experience
Medium in experience means that management that is running the company has already seen some ups and down of the markets and they are mature enough to handle these situation. I think Splinterland's team has seen ups and down in cryptospace as well in the game also.

3.) Large in Aspirations
Bussiness should have large aspirations and I think Splinterland's always shown it's large aspiration by forging partnership with various alliances to spread the game. Splinterland's allow it's NFT to be available on multiple chains like in ETH and WAX so that it can attract potential gamer from other blockchains.

4.) Extra large in Market Potential
Blockchain technology is going to be big and so it be the blockchain gaming. Market potential of blockchain gaming is very bright and Splinterland's being early in blockchain gaming Splinterland's has very fair chance to grab .

From my analysis, I have no doubt that Splinterland's is perfect game for playing as well as for investment, Splinterland allow you to own the game assets, even if you are not playing yourself ,then you can find another player to play for you. Since whatever asset you purchase, belongs to you and you can sell these assets whenever you wish.

It's never too late

Now question arise are you too late in investing in this game? When I joined "Alpha" was sold out and I missed the Alpha edition. You can say that I am late in game. But game is continuously developing and keep increasing it's userbase so I think when this game is go on increasing it scope so I think it is never too late.

Is it right time to enter?

That's very tricky question. Currently apart from DICE pack everything else is officially sold out from the game site. Currently look like "secondary" market cards prices are too high. But it tell about few thing.

  1. Once the "official" card pack sold out, secondary market is great place to make money in your investment.

  2. If you find that buying from secondary market does not look attractive to you to enter in market then you can wait for another upcoming official release of game i.e "Chaos legion".

  3. You can do Dollar cost averaging to buy slow and steadily, instead of going big from day one.

What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is collectible card game in Hive Blockchain and ownership of card lies fully with player. Player are free to rent, sell, gift or play with their owned cards as they like.

Note for my affiliates

If you want to play splinterlands then you can join it here

If you have any difficulty in playing game, do not hesitate and join the game discord. It is really helping community and contact me here or on discord, I will definitely delegate you some card and review your game for your better game experience.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice, DYOR. I am avid splinterland's player and own multiple digital assets in this game.


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That is one hell of an analysis bro. Loved it. I was thinking to get into Splinterlands and this post helps. I will surely use your affiliate link if I ever start playing.

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Thanks friend, One more news that SL did not shared publicly in Hive , but they got 3.6 million USD from presale of SPS.
NFT-based game Splinterlands raises $3.6M via private token sale

So they will not be going to have any fund issue in continuing development.

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Dcity is one of the good game in Hive but look like they lacked "Aspiration" to go out , finding sponsors and forging partnerships.

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I would believe if players who invest now and do so heavily they are considering this game as a long term investment. It will be interesting to watch how this all unfolds. The on-boarding of daily new players is just risen, but what if this gets prolonged for many weeks and months? A lot of potential still exists with Splinterlands. Thanks. !LUV and !PIZZA



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Yeah, I am atleast going with 5 year plan with SL when all SPS is distributed. I am assuming those who are having even 100K SPS at that time, will get life changing money for that stake.

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@r1s2g3, you've been given LUV from @mawit07.

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Very nice post! I was an early adopter, but I really think you have provided amazing advice for beginners.

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Thanks for your stopby , Nice that you spotted early this game.

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It's NOT about "should you invest or not?".
It's about "How much will you invest in this game?"

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"How much will you invest in this game?"

Whatever you can spare at a moment.. I am going to long term hold in this game.

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So far it has been the most profitable investment I have had, and it will continue to be later when everything multiplies.

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Nice.. and keep your Hold.

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The Magic 8 Ball says yes.

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Very sober analysis. I'll try my luck with that game

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I have liked the way you have analyzed Splinterstands using the SMILE method and you are on point with the analysis.

I am not a gamer so I have never played this game and I kinda feel bad now hehe.

Anyway, which other way can I participate and earn without playing?

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Invest in SPS and stake them to earn more SPS. You can by that token through hive-engine. I believe you still have to go in game to stake the SPS tokens but you do not have to play battles. In addition SPS is a governance token that gives holders right to vote on how Splinterlands develops. Although this is the future of SPS usage, the date of when functions come out has not been set.

Let me buy some SPS and stake it for the long run as it has a big APR at the moment!

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As mawit already told you staking SPS is an option.
You can buy spliterland cards and put them in rental and it will give you rental income in DEC and you can sell card when it appreciate.
I will suggest you to keep an eye on "Chaos legion" sale(To be announced.).(Staking SPS is good suggestion as I learned user need to have staked SPS to take part in that sale.)

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Are Splinterland cards the same as Spellbook of $10?

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Spellbook is required if you want to earn DEC(in game currency) as well as season rewards. Spellbook contain level 1 phantom cards(that cannot be sold/transferred.)

I am not sure if SPS staking require spellbook but I do not think so.

Currently I will suggest you to keep an eye for SL presale of chaos legion, that probably will happen on September.

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I have tried to buy many cards already to boost power, is it a good strategy ? Thx for advice

As a player, one should focus on gameplay and analyse own battles and buy those cards that can boost winning rate. (Do not go just for collection power only.)

Invest your earnings to upgrade your cards.

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Thank you @r1s2g3
but as you mentioned Chaos Legion. Do you know the official release date for these cards? I couldn't find anything on the Splinterlands website nor on

No official announcement but expected in September.
(earlier planned for August but team is now really busy to cater influx of new players.)

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Ah perfect. September is not that far away. I'm really eager to buy the first packs myself.

September is expectation. Dev team yet to still announce formally, so keep watching SL post for next few months.

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It seems a lot of players are just putting their earnings straight back into the game, although for a newcomer i imagine the price of buying even a starter deck wouldn't look that appealing.

But even at these prices I think there's a lot of room for growth, what with land coming out in the future.

Looking forward to Chaos Legion, personally I'd probably advise newcomers to wait for that, buy big and then they've got a chance of getting a decent deck from their new cards.

That very fair point and I just hope Aggy and team will not go on same path as they have done with Land. (3 presales.)

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Great tips for new users and right considerations.
I think it's always a good time to join Splinterlands, the $10 membership fee is recouped in no time just by playing while those who also write posts on Splinterlands can recoup the membership fee in about two weeks.

Oh the on-boarding of daily new players is just risen, but what if this gets prolonged for many weeks and months? A lot of potential still exists with Splinterlands.

I expect a lot of player will going to be part of presale. Let see but I am fully bullish for it's future.

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