100+ followers in Publish0x and it surprises me.

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100+ followers in Publish0x and it surprises me.

Recently I hit more than 100 followers in Publish0x and it really surprises me as I am very minimal active in Publish0x. I even do not login daily to Publish0x and my interaction on Publish0x is minimal and still getting followers .(that I think is very hard to get followers in Hive, unless you are exceptional poster or exceptional wallet holding.)


Though my income in Publish0x is too less and there is nothing to brag about it and it will really look like miniscule if compared with Hive + Hive tribes.

I guess in this same time interval I have gained around 140+ followers in Hive, making my overall tally to 422.

What really interesting I found out in Publish0x.

Though my post make few cents in Publishox but I found it is really look like a great place to get the referrals and I really got some referrals from there even when I am not actively looking for it.

Though I never used their Ambassador program but I find it as a cool program that you can get 5% of the total tip ,if the tipper landed on article through your link. A nice strategy by Publish0x to motivate the users to share their link.

It look like Publish0x attracts large number of users so that you can get nice audience for your post.

What I really think that Publish0x should improve.

If I compared to Hive and (hive tribes) look like Publish0x authors are grossly underpaid for their content. Good content post can easily have $50 payout (in Hive+ tribes especially like LeoFinance](https://leofinance.io) and ProofofBrain

Publish0x also do not allow anyone to tip the comment , so their is no "extra" incentive for commenting there.

I am not sure now bust last time I got reply from my friends that Publixsh0x is not accepting new users and I think this might be sorted for now.

About myself

I am one of the crypto/blockchain enthusiast who blogs , play blockchain games like Risingstars and Splinterlands and recently started taking interest Defi and start collecting some WAX NFT too.

All this have same aim that I reach to the "Financial independence" as I keep reinvesting/staking these earnings (instead of spending on myself) and it help me in keep increasing my passive income too.

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I have used them last year, but I stopped for some reason (have no idea why)... You are right about the upvotes/tips there that the posts are undervalued, but on the other side, I had also good results with referrals... Got many of them to Splinterlands as I was publishing their posts about the game...

I have picked this post on behalf of the @OurPick project and it will be highlighted in the next post!

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Thanks Zoltan for picking it up.
You can start again as I feel there is also a lot of audience.

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I have the same attitude towards Publish0x... I don't use it often enough to see really see much income (as the on-chain withdrawal thresholds are pretty high). Your points are definitely valid: a tipping option would help, but I also think LESS tokens would make payouts easier too... maybe just one, or two at the most. It was four before they got rid of BAT (which I would rather collect than AMPL or FARM). I digress... and I plan to use P0x a bit more to see what the reception is.

I started in Publish0x for Splinterland's social media challenge, then thought it is great place to create links for Leo finance. I was there with no expectation and still got followers and referrals.

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Shared in reddit, My userid in Reddit is /user/r1s2g3

Shared in Publish0x, MyPublish0x user_id is /@Rajat-G

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I recently crossed 200 followers there. I noticed the if we write more about trending coins like BTC and ETH and even Doge, we get some random followers.

Nice Bala. Congrats.

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Also like you I'm not very active on publish0x lately but I agree it's a good place to promote Hive and Leofinance and get refferals.
!LUV 1

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yeah , I am very regular in posting my article there also and promoting Leofinance too.

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