Maxing out my chaos deck for splinterlands: Part 5.

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How many cards are in the chaos legion?

As we move forward in splinterlands it looks like it is going to be very important to have a well rounded chaos deck as the season splits into two leagues.

There are no definite sums here but looking at a rough guide to see what would be involved.

  • Common 29 cards, roughly $40 each = $1160
  • Rare 28
    • Monsters 23 cards, roughly $35 each, = $805
    • Summoners 5 cards, roughly $402 each = $2012
  • Epic 17 cards, roughly $90 each = $1530
  • Legendary 22 cards, roughly $91 = $2150
    • Doctor Blight, $1200

That's looking like $7,534 for a full set not including Doctor Blight which would bring it up to $8,734 in a rough estimate.

That was the original math.

With the current state of the market i would expect this to be just above half of the original numbers if you were to turn up with cash today.

Still a lot of money but at 3-4K is very achievable.

I started monitoring this just over three month ago and have made a lot of progress in just a short period of time from my splinterlands income and nothing else.

It's been a while since i checked up on this and i haven't been buying up many cards for my main deck. A lot of my profit has gone back into rental stock as the markets have recovered since they dropped off a few months ago.

I have bought a few more cards along the way so it's no harm to see how things are looking again and refocus while prices are cheap. Start finishing off the cards that were most of the way to completion.

Current state of affairs.



  • Common (15) 29
  • Rare (24) 28
    • Monsters (23) 23
    • Summoners (1) 5
  • Epic (12) 17
  • Legendary (13) 22
  • Doctor Blight (0) 1

At the time of my first post I had a total of 13 out of the 125 possible cards.

The last time i have managed to build up as far 44 as out of the total 125.

This time I am up to a total of 64 cards maxed out of 125 with a few more leveled up and almost over the line.

That's another twenty cards maxed out in the past two weeks.

I did buy another hundred packs with DEC dropping so low from my vouchers and rental income. I didn't get anything two exciting but used them to stock a couple of smaller accounts and give them a better chance at winning.

The next steps.

The next steps are very simple.

With rental markets getting back to a decent level i want to increase my rentable stock. The maxed out cards are great for me to compete at the highest levels but they don't rent that well.

Going forward i'll be buying up a mixture of cards needed for my deck and this challenge as well as a lot of cards directly for the rental market.

While i would like to just get this challenge over and done with i also want to keep increasing my rental income which takes a lot of cards.

Then it's important to keep buying up summoners for when land drops next year. That is going to hoover up a lot of the current supply to produce assets.

There is never enough money for all of the cards that i want but over time i will keep stacking hard.

Try for yourself.

If you haven't played the game before then now is the best time to join. Today is much better than tomorrow and a lot better than later.

Cards worth a few cents now will have a much higher value in the future as the print runs out. We have a strong community and seen this happen every time as it grows with the game.

Link to the game here,


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Buying summoners is probably a great idea right now. I've been snapping up untamed summers like mad. I think we are currently on the verge of a shortage in summoners with this level of players.We might even be in a place where we can't get the bot accounts we just lost back because there aren't enough summoners available for them to rent. If land is as summoner heavy as we've heard, things could get really weird.


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Rental prices are really picking back up especially for lower level cards.

Summoners will get scarce and land is really going to make a difference when the big accounts have to pull out a lot of stock to produce assets.

It's still early days but things are looking good for next year so now it's all about compounding our earnings and filling up with as many cards as possible every week.

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There's so much going on under the surface in the economy right now that it seems like everyone is missing. So many people are selling right now just as things start to heat up. Great time to accumulate though


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I think DCA-ing into cards at this point makes a lot of sense... They may go lower with the end of the airdrop and everyone opening their packs, but this is crypto so hard to predict the future.

There are still a lot of packs left to sell so the prices will go a bit lower ofr the next while but that's good. It gives everybody a chance to build up their collection for a reasonable price before they run out and go up in value.

It's just up to people whether they are willing to put some money in or not.

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One of the lowest points to get these cards right now. I see them only going up in value come Q3 and Q4 and into 2023 as they start to run out. I also kind of expect a run on them towards the end of this airdrop as everyone goes to dump their DEC.

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It's inevitable that prices go up over time if the player base stays steady or increases.

I am taking this lull as a great opportunity to buy up as much supply as possible and feed the rental market.

I think that a lot of dec will get dumped in a few weeks but that land will soak up huge amounts of card supply when it launches.

Either way i just want more and more cards.

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I saw the rental market rebounding as well but it also corresponded with a drop in DEC from ranked battles and chests. So I guess the bots have adapted and started to collect cards for their own use.

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20 cards maxed out in two weeks and 100 packs purchased, that's really good!

Rentals are picking back up again so I'm getting over 20k a day from them now.

That's helping to buy up even more stock and increase it a bit every week.

It adds up fairly fast.

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Yep, I noticed the rental market is recovering. I'm thinking to move some of my cards that I don't use as much in the playing account to the rental account.

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Have you tried an auto rental service yet?

I am making much more profit since i joined one and they do all of the hard work for me with a bot.

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I checked one out. From their auto-analysis of my account, I am doing about 12% less with my cards than their algorithm would on average, which means I'm doing better on average, when we count in the 20% fee they have. But I tweak my rental deck sometimes a few times per day.

What I didn't understand from their site is, what kind of control do they need over the rental account to auto-manage cards? Private key? Posting permission? Something else?

They need the private posting key but what i did was to set up a couple of specific rental accounts and move extra cards over to them.

They have no control over moving cards or tokens without an active key so nothing can be moved out of you account.

From what i have seen so far they have brought up my daily returns by about 50% so 20% of the total is well worth it with no time spent on tweaking prices. I earn more by doing less but each to their own for it.

I just find the service extremely handy since i started using it.

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I may test them as well. I'll think about it. Tweaking only takes a minute or so, a few times a day.

Definitely rental market is up again but I agree with you that it's improving especially in lower levels, which opens some avenues of profitability.
I'm interested in those auto-rental services... can you direct me to any?
Thanks !!

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I have almost all of the cards in Chais legion. Not maxed out but one of each, some I have multiple copies. I shall combine some if them once I level up my summoners !

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That's a good place to be right now.

When i started the goal was to bring my summoners up to level 4 and then all of the monsters with them.

You will get there over time as long as you keep playing and earning.

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Good work!