How addicted are we to the internet?

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How close do you think that we are to the metaverse?


I think that for a lot of us here it is a huge part of our lives.

It's where we work, where we play, where we socialize. So how long before it becomes the place that we live as well.

How much of our week is spent online when all of our activities are linked to the internet.

I do have a life outside of hive and crypto but it's the smaller part in terms of time spent.

Even when I'm not online i still have my phone connected to all of the systems.

When I play gold i still have a smart watch connected to the course for distances and to keep the score.

When I drive my car is connected to the web for directions. To my phone for calls and messages.

When i pay for anything these days it is all part of a larger system of debit cards/crypto and online sites.

It would be very hard to make a break form the internet as my whole economy is now tied to it.

My life and technically my worth is now all based on the internet.

When I write that your account is your brand i mean that literally.

My hive account and username is my main source of income and that has to be reflected in everything that i do online.

The day that i ruin that username and it's reputation is the day that i will no longer be able to earn a living wage.

Just like with larger companies if they make bad choices and hurt their brand then the money stop and they will find it hard to stay afloat.

This is metaverse level one.

We are not yet at the full-blown metaverse stage where we can survive entirely online but it's definitely moving in that direction.

If i had to record my hours spend online during the week it would probably be scary.

Sleep, family, friends, fun. They come first but it would be interesting to see the breakdown of minutes for the week.

How many minutes that we are awake are we not connected to the internet in one way or the other?

The more that i think of it the scarier it seems.

It's not to say that i will give up all of my devices and go full blown hippie but it's good to be aware.

I still need to build my brand and my business online for the future but i think that it will be a good idea to step away a bit more often than i do at the moment.

The future will be online for anybody involved with crypto so it's important to find a healthy balance.

Building your brand and turning up without getting addicted to your devices. A hard line to find when every action that you undertake online will earn you some money.

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You're right and I never have thought about it that way. I think my "identity" is really out on web2 and while web3 is blockchain and my brand I don't use it as such. Simply, it's on hive and hive is still a secret. It's pretty awesome that we can earn from all that we do but it is still a long way from mainstream in my opinion. When it does get there you will be very rich lol

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I could only agree with you... Whether we want it or not, we are already part of the Metaverse 1.0 and as time passes by, we are more and more lured to adopt the next 2.0 version of it...

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I can't get away from the internet and I feel uncomfortable when I don't have access to it. With cell phones and all the new technology, we are hooked up to them. However, even with this, I think the metaverse is decades out. I don't think anyone really knows what the metaverse will be or what it will look like.

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I believe excess of internet also is effecting our health.

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My life and technically my worth is now all based on the internet

Pretty much the same here. Soon we will be saying the same about crypto.

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You are right, we do have much of our lives connected to the internet these days. Where I think I'd feel like a fossil will be in about 20 years or so when youngsters will start bragging about their newest head-chip implant upgrade. :)

You raise good questions here, as anyone dedicated to Hive is pretty much addicted to it too I believe. Fair enough it connects you with others, makes you aware of lots of things and earns for you, but like with everything self awareness is essential.

I would nearly be scared to see how many hours I'm connected in some way.... Most of my waking hours I'd say to be honest.... Work is online, Hive, listening to Spotify, Streaming, watching telly, , Google maps and Pod casts when driving, other browsing.... Only real breaks are playing outside with kids, golf, walking the dog, soccer, going to matches and gigs and eating out..

Kind of scary when you think about it..