September 18, 2021. Comparing HIVE Tokens and the US Dollar #002

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08/31/2021-03:32 UTC1.001.809.534.533.75
09/18/2021-17:39 UTC1.001.3213.215.183.96

This posts will show the progress of the most important Hive assets over time. I have chose to place the amount of token a dollar would buy.

Today's post is showing that the US dollar has gained some value, meaning that the tokens have lost value compared to August 31, 2021. Now, for example, 1 dollar can buy 13.21 STEM, while in August 31 it bought 9.53. Of the 3 tokens shown, LEO has preserved its value the most. HIVE, on the contrary, has gained some value.
1 HIVE buys 0.757 dollars and 1 dollar buys 1.32 HIVE

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the days when HIVE was worth 0.2 $ are over, I don't know what the STEM token is

In the next "bear.m" we could see again hive at 0.13-0.15...maybe even lower.

I absolutely don't believe this will happen, users and transactions have increased to a point where that scenario will no longer occur. Hope you're right, it would be great to hoard ... personally I don't think that's going to happen again.

The STEM token is about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The tribe's front end is, the tag to use is STEM. In there I publish with my other account @secondmedicalop

Thanks for telling me, I didn't know anything about this token

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