News: September 13, 2021. Aluminum Price Reaches US$ 3000 Per Tonne

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The aluminum price has reached US$ 3000 in London, the highest value since 2008, according to this article.

The causes for this are related to disruptions in the supply of aluminum. In the Yunnan province of China, where 10% of the aluminum is produced, there will be production limitations. In Guinea, there has been a coup, which may disrupt the bauxite mining. Finally, it has also been reported that there have been problems at the aluminum refining capacity of the country of Jamaica.

Aluminum is a very important metal. It is essential for transportation (construction of automobiles and aircraft), packaging, construction, electricity-related, household items, computer cases and machinery in general.

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wow! and for example that in 2017 I wanted to invest in aluminum ... now I regret not having done so

It will probably come down again!