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Let it do its thing.

Money that brings in more money is the best kind of money. The numerous ways in which the blockchain technology has enabled us to store wealth and use it to generate more wealth at the same time will inevitably lead to immense growth; it's already so much easier to create value these days. There's plenty of talent everywhere, but all good things need funding.

Thankfully, it was never easier to find it.

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Nowadays it is literally possible to monetize pretty much everything as long as it can be turned into information. A tokenized part of the web is already providing the fuel needed for further innovation, and we have come this far even though it's still so early in the game. The best part is that the rate at which the space is expanding keeps growing as the days go by. There's limitless potential.

It was never easier to earn money from the safety of your home. Whatever it is you are good at, there are ways to bag some crypto for your skills as long as you can connect to the internet. You're not good at anything? That's perfectly fine, you can still earn crypto just for listening to music, playing video games, handing out free tips and keeping a part for yourself, handing out upvotes, watching ads, etc.

This is a big deal, especially in today's world with life getting much more expensive as the years go by due to a variety of reasons. Most of us joined the crypto game for the easy riches and lambos, and while it's not easy to accumulate f*ck you money, it sure is damn easy to sustain a simple lifestyle just by farming crypto on places like Hive. And it requires zero investment to get started.

Hive, with all the whales swimming around and all those layer-2 tribes, is hands down the best place to publish content and get rewarded for it, but there are also places like Publish0x, Noise.Cash, Read.Cash and Torum that do hand out free money as well. A single blog post published on Hive and promoted on all of the aforementioned platforms can bring in enough money to keep people afloat for a couple of weeks in certain parts of the world.

I'm sure there are many more similar platforms to use in this manner, so if you do have any particular suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comments below.

The importance of this can't be stressed enough, and it's thanks to the crypto industry that the lives of so many people around the world have become much easier. Just like it was never easier to earn money, it was never easier to put your money to work and make you more money either. Staking, curating, earning yield, earning interest, receving dividends, delegating; you name it. An ocean of opportunities.

APRs are much much higher than the central banking system could ever grant you, and it's so easy to get started that you're doing it all wrong if you haven't joined the fun yet. People with 100% of their net worth in bank accounts have no idea what they are doing at this point. It's like they are comfy communicating with smoke signals in the smartphone era. But they will be flocking into the space soon.

Successive green candles are sweet, but you don't actually need them to make it. You don't even have to risk your sanity trying to time the market and catch falling knives. Persistence, consistency and patience are more than enough to take you far. Stacking, staking and compounding is the guaranteed way, and you will be amazed at how quickly it all starts to snowball.

Just make sure your money is always busy making you more money. Create value and use it to create even more. Stick to the plan and you will no longer have to sell your time for money before you know it. Enjoy the ride.

That sums it all up for now.

Never forget!


Have a good one everyone!

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