$500 Worth of PLOT vs $500 Worth of DEC

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Since I started playing and investing in Splinterlands, I have been studying various ways to maximize my SPS Airdrop. Because SPS is fucking gold right now and expected to go even higher in the near future as the game develops.

I want to acquire some not-so-cheap cards with DEC and a tiny piece of LAND called PLOT. Because that's what I might be able to afford right now. People owning TRACT or LAND are in for a massive treat when those things are allowed to use inside the game. I am sure many are going to earn a decent amount of DECs by renting them out. But the question in my mind is what to buy first?


LAND will come as an upcoming expansion to the game. It will give the ability to its owners to mint special items and spells which can be used to play battles. PLOT/LAND can no longer be purchased from Splinterlands' website, but maybe available on secondary markets like Hive-Engine (Hive) and Atomic Hub (WAX). Right now a piece of LAND is selling for $500. Arggh! Adding fuel to the fire, during the initial sale, it was sold for $20 per piece. LMAO, regrets.

For now, LAND does nothing but a digital asset that will have use-cases in the future. On the other hand, DEC is so cheap right now and you can get Airdrop points for holding it too.

1 DEC = 1 Point

1 LAND = 10k Points

$500 Worth of DEC > $500 Worth of PLOT

Yes. That's true! At the current price, I can have 78125 DEC for $500 which means 78125 points. Moreover, I can pool these DECs into liquidity pools on Cub Finance and Tribaldex to get double the points. You can calculate the amount of SPS you are going to get daily. For $500 worth of LAND, I am only going to get 10000 points.

78125 > 10000

I know LAND prices will explode but it's not going to happen until Q1 2022. By that time I can accumulate much more DEC and SPS. Then I can use the same DEC (and SPS) to buy the LAND. If it appreciates in price way too much in the next 2-3 months then it's my bad luck. WTF! 😂

Don't forget if you DCA (Dollar Cost Average) into DEC then you can also minimize the risk of your investment. It will be great if your DEC price also appreciates and there's a good chance of that happening in the future. 10K Spellbooks are sold daily and it is only going to go up, right?

What do you guys think? Is it worth the gamble or should I buy PLOT first before they run out or blow up in prices? 😁 Comment below!

Also, if you are a new player then please check out this Basic Guide on Splinterlands & DEC. It will definitely help you get started with your Play-2-Earn journey via Splinterlands.





Not financial advice. For infotainment purposes only.

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I am buying as much DEC as I can afford.

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Same here @offgridlife. Road to becoming a DEC Millionaire. ✌️


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Same, I am buying as much DEC as I can afford to lose!

I have actually been thinking this as well only not land but legendary cards.

Cards are hard if they go up or down but so far I am thinking Dec is the best choice or is sps 🤔....

So many choices 🤣🤣

Haha. They got us confused man. Gamified the investment too. 😂

I don't even play that much. Just getting drained by looking at the markets.

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Im going for a bunch of SPS since the staking % is good. Had some DEC i planned on staying with but just sold it for more SPS, hopefully i dont regret it later. Growing a small collection of SPT as well.

Can't go wrong with buying SPS. SPT is performing well too. That should give you more SPS Airdrop! ✌️

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Interesting perspective, thank you :-) I've been considering buying a PLOT just to be part of that excitement once it takes off, but you clearly lay out why it's not the financially smart decision ;-)

How does the 'pool DEC for double points' work? I have some staked CUB on Cubdefi but no real insight into all other options it gives :D Should I just send my DEC to cubdefi and stake it and I will have more airdrop points? That would be a huge opportunity I've missed so far!

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it's not the financially smart decision ;-)

For now, Get it as soon as you can. 😁

You are most welcome @soyrosa.

How does the 'pool DEC for double points' work?

Just stake your DEC either in Tribal Dex Diesel Pools or on Cub Finance DEC-BUSD farm. You will automatically get 2x points.

Should I just send my DEC to cubdefi and stake it and I will have more airdrop points?

Well, you can send your DEC to BSC and then sell half of them for BUSD. Create an LP token for DEC-BUSD and stake it in the farm. This is a great tutorial on that: https://leofinance.io/@jfang003/splinterlands-moving-dec-to-the-cub-finance-and-having-it-work-for-me

Or you can send your LEO to BSC from wleo.io/bsc, through Cub Finance's exchange, you can swap it with DEC and BUSD and repeat the above process.

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Interesting! Thanks for the pointers, definitely will look into that :-)


You could diversify? 70/30 DEC/PLOT 😊 Good to own some land before the prices skyrocket 😎🤙

Sure @olebulls. Eventually, I am going for both. Since DEC is going to give me more airdrop points, will hold them in Liquidity Pools for sometime and then buy land when I gather more than $500 worth of DEC. Hope it's not too late by then. 😂

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Nice, same ass me! Or I have no target in terms of dollars but try to get as much DEC as possible for now🤩🤙

I've been tossing up this same DEC vs PLOT comparison in my mind.

I'm not a Splinterlands player, but have a relatively small DEC investment on Cub Finance.

Always debating in my mind the best time to turn that into PLOT.

Like you said in this post, I also don't think I should flip just yet.

I just can't see the price of PLOT ripping harder than what I would be making from my DEC due to the SPS airdrop.

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Always debating in my mind the best time to turn that into PLOT.

Haha. Me too!

I just can't see the price of PLOT ripping harder than what I would be making from my DEC due to the SPS airdrop.

I am sure the hype around the LAND settles down a bit as we move to the year-end. Especially when they release the CHAOS card, people will sell their assets to get funds. There is a slight chance the LAND prices will come down.

In 2 months I might be able to generate funds for 2 PLOTs. Who knows, Hive is on fire. SPS Airdrop is increasing bit by bit every day. Hoping for the best 😁

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I would probably want DEC over a plot as well. Mainly because the land was announced a while ago but development might take another year or so before you can actually use it.

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A year? Seriously? Then it's definitely not worth putting your money in the PLOT right now.

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I think Plot usage will be added in the game at beginning of 2022. It's not too long.
If you're Splinterlands player, then go to PLOT.
If not, DEC is the better choice :)

It's just my opinion :)

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Well...I don't know if it will take a year but I was just making a reference that it will take a while. After all, land sales start over 6 months ago. At that point in time, I heard the word "soon" but it still isn't out and I feel like the hype over SPS is redirecting development there to other features.

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@finguru You defined everything very carefully but still I recommend plot cz i wanna flex Infront of non-crypto friends! :)

Hahaha. Thanks a lot, @dlmmqb. PLOT is definitely a keeper. ❤

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Atleast have one plot to flex in front of non-crypto friends. Believe me it will be the best feelings when u flex. I did it in front of my aunt about my dcity and its earnings. The expressions were worth all the money! My aunt is a real estate investor as well as her husband and son.

Lol. I am not much of a flexer because most of my non-crypto friends don't care about my Digital Assets' worth. They don't understand it. Also, I am busy making money so..

One day when I own a PLOT, I will definitely show it off. 😂

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@finguru dont forget to tag me that day when u flex. It will be fun as its fun imagining it. Cant imagine the fun to read that flex post/flex experience post haha

I am also going for DEC at the moment.

That's perfect man! ✌️ More SPS for you! 🤑

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