Splinterlands Players, Migrate Your DEC-BUSD LP To V2 [Tutorial]

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As we all know Cub Finance has started the V2 migration of its current farms. It's an important update for all the @splinterlands players and investors who are farming via the DEC-BUSD pool. Since the SPS airdrop points are tied to your DEC Pools, it's important to quickly migrate before the next airdrop. I hope @aggroed and @yabapmatt have already informed the community about this migration already. Do not miss getting those precious tokens even for a single day. No worries, because I have got this for you. Made a tutorial focusing on this particular farm that we all love. Thank me later!

How To Migrate Your DEC-BUSD LP To V2


Once you are logged into CUB Finance via Metamask or any other wallet of your choice to access BSC Network, open the FARMs Tab and select "Staked Only" and choose finished TAB as shown below:


As you can see, I have some DEC-BUSD LP (0.000057386882189867) sitting inside the farm which is now finished. Just hit the (-) minus button select MAX and hit Confirm.



Pay the damn fees in BNB and you are done unstaking your LP successfully. It will take a few seconds for the transaction to go through so you might have to wait until your LP tokens show up.


Now you have to remove LP tokens so that you can get DEC and BUSD back. Go to trade TAB on the left side of the window and click on "Liquidity" and this page will open: https://exchange.cubdefi.com/#/pool Here you will see your DEC-BUSD LP Tokens, click on them to see full details. Once unpooled, they can be pooled later in V2.


Click on the "Remove" button to go to the next step. Please note that you might see a change in your initial investment of DEC and BUSD due to impermanent loss so don't worry about it.


Select 100% i.e MAX and click on "Approve", then "Remove" and pay the damn fees. You know how it works. After a few seconds, once the transaction is completed, DEC and BUSD will become visible in your wallet.


To get DEC-BUSD LP Tokens on V2, go to farms and under the "Live" tab, you will find the new V2 Farm. Here you will find the "Get DEC-BUSD LP (V2)" link. This will take you to the Pancakeswap V2 as shown below:


Enter the amount of DEC and BUSD you want to pool together. Enable BUSD and DEC. I spent around ~20c on these two transactions.


Hit "Supply" and then "Confirm Supply" in the end to get the DEC-BUSD LP.


Go to farms and under the "Live" tab, you will find the new CUB-BUSD V2 Farm. You need to enable it and then click on "Stake LP" as shown below:


Select "MAX" and hit "Confirm". Pay the damn fees and you are done migrating to V2.


Please note that pooling will not happen on Cub Finance but Pancakeswap as mentioned in the above step. This is the main thing you need to keep in mind. If you pool via Cub Finance's "Liquidity" tab then you will be using V1 only. Make sure to use the current link. I hope this tutorial helps. Please ask any questions in the comments!

If you are new to Splinterlands, please check out this basic guide by @crypto-guides to get you started with the game.





Not financial advice. For infotainment purposes only.

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Awesome! Thanks for this tutorial

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You are most welcome bro. Hope it helps!

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Thanks for the tips. I finally manage to move my Lp into V2 much easier thanks to your guide. :)

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Cheers mate! You are most welcome. Are you getting the SPS Airdrop?

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no unfortunately, I do the migration on bLeo-Bnb pool, I only farm on that pool, don't have any other pool, not even dec because I don't play spinterland haha

Since my post was targeted to Splinterlands Players I thought you were playing too. Lol. No problem.

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lol, i was just stumbling upon the migrating thing from your post.
I have not been active lately, that is the reason I don't that the farm is migrating

Liked your new logo sir!

Thanks a lot buddy! ✌️🍕

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give me 100% so at least i can payout 0.02 lol just a joke

This is amazing thank you so much for sharing, I will put on my DEC's

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Awesome. Great move! ✌ Don't miss the Airdrop.

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Nice guide. It would of made my process a bit easier but it definitely is a step by step version.

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Thanks a lot, J. I tried to put in as many screenshots as possible to make it easier to visualize what's happening. Sometimes people don't see the obvious links or buttons. ✌ This might help.

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Thanks for sharing! - @alokkumar121

useful post for Splinterlands players who have done staking for DEC pool in cubdefi.

Thank you so much once again. I hope this would help out the current players move to V2.

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