I Got Paid 285 LEO For A Graphic Design Gig...

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..and I am not even a professional designer. I have done some gigs in the past but they were no biggie! 1 or 2 simple posters and a few social media posts. I even designed a $25 digital obituary for someone. How do you market such a service? "I Design Obituaries, Book Your Orders Now. Pay First, Die Later." 😂

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Leo Finance Is Full Of Opprtunities

I am a social media marketing freelancer and I run "social media" ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to earn my bread butter. Since I target a niche market, we milk it as much as we can in 6-8 months. It's been boring because I don't really do it myself. Also, getting out of touch since I don't need to be updated about the new features fuckbook* releases. I have trained my friend (also a freelancer) to manage ad campaigns on his own. I mostly help with the design stuff which is outsourced as well and look after other things which need "looking" 😋 The reason why I am telling you this is because I have lots of free time to kill. I use it to watch Youtube videos - mainly tutorials and study what I like to do. This helped me become a better designer without even using photoshop. Creating content on Leo Finance was a great decision I made because I could put my knowledge to use. And that landed me this gig... by @forexbrokr for @crypto-guides - fully paid in LEO. Thanks mate.


What Did I Deliver?

With Crypto guides, @forexbrokr (Dane) aims to create a guide for all the blockchain and crypto projects out there. The best part is that it's a community effort and all the contributions come from various Leo Finance members. I have been contributing as well and it's a great learning experience for me. Money-wise, I get fat upvotes from whales, so it's a win-win. If you are someone who wants to contribute as well and earn LEO for doing that, please drop a message by tagging @forexbrokr on any of the latest @leomarkettalk threads. Yes, we use @leomarkettalk (by @taskmaster4450le) to discuss and decide on the subtopics. It's our place to do all kinds of communication related to this project.

Coming back to the main topic, I was asked to create 19 thumbnails for now which will become the main images of each guide. Dane and I decided on a template and it was used for all these graphics. Some of the samples are as follows:






The rest of the banners will be uploaded to each guide on @crypto-guides, please do check them out and let me know if you guys like them or not. Dane really liked them so I don't care much about your opinion (lol, I do) but your feedback might help me get even better at this craft. 😎

If you are looking for someone to design your next social media graphics or thumbnails for your blogs or YT/3Speak videos, I am your guy. You can connect with me on Discord or simply tag me anywhere on Leo Finance or Hive. ✌ Will accept almost all cryptocurrencies, HIVE & LEO are preferred.





Not financial advice. For infotainment purposes only.


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Now this is what I love to see in the community!

Keep up the great work, I hope more reach out to you for this! 🦁

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Huge thanks to you Khal for giving life to this vibrant community! Really appreciate your work.

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They look great.

Exactly what I was looking for :)

Seriously, how good is crypto - Especially HIVE/LEO.

FREE, instant cross-border payments without any 3rd party platform taking a cut.

Hopefully, this opens up some people's eyes as to the potential of the LeoFinance community for monetising both yourself and your content.

There is a huge opportunity for people to create brands on top of their Hive account and sell products or services.

Use your stake, and most importantly your reputation within the community, to put your content in front of a targetted audience.

Something people pay a fortune for with Facebook ads... just saying.

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Fiverr is an asshole. It takes 20% of the money you make and then comes the taxes. Screwed up! Traditionally most designers and digital artists never got paid what they deserve.

Social blockchain such as Hive has opened up unlimited possibilities for people to make money by creating content for themselves and others too. It's hard to turn a paid community into a loyal fanbase. On hive, you have to work on that from the ground up. There are no shortcuts.

Something people pay a fortune for with Facebook ads

It's pretty hard to get clients from FB ads. You need to continuously optimize your campaigns for the best results otherwise get ready for a huge dent on your wallet. Not everyone can afford that!

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Stunning designs, hive provides that platform and your skills could count for something. You don't really need to be the best, just deliver. Hopefully we can create an epicenter of commerce on hive.

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Thanks a lot bro. One day Hive will become a hub for e-commerce. There are unlimited use cases to it.

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Definitely, good to see your designs, might be looking forward to you when I have a gig in the future.

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Sure bro. Most welcome! Happy to help.

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Nice!!!I’ll pick these ten times over the former header images. Nice work, attractive and detailed enough, simple too and looks professional. I’ve also been putting more effort into my header images, I’m far from your type so I’ll be picking up ideas from you. 👍🏽

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Thanks a ton mate. I always take ideas and inspiration from others' designs. It helps a lot! All the best to you. Let me know if I can help in any way.

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Very nice designs ! And you say you are not a Professional ?

Great job mate.

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Haha. Thanks @vlemon. All I am saying is that I am decent enough to be a professional. 😂

Pay me LEO for all your design needs. Like invest in CUB for all your DeFi needs.

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This is cool knowing we outsource
in house. It shows this community
is getting bigger everyday.
I have to say your works are really appealing.
Great job and continue to do so.
Are you interesting on making gif or template for #leofinance. #Hive and #Sports in general with my two username.
Will talk on Discord.


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Sure @pouchon, I will try my best to create GIFs for you. Just let me know how you want them done and what are your requirements.

My Discord is finguru#4062. Looking forward to chatting with you. Thank you so much!

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Sure thanks,
We will talk more on #discord.
Take care

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You too! See you there.

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Nice designs. Are you planning on making the graphics for the crypto guides project from now on?

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Thanks a lot J. I would love to continue doing that. ✌️

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And by publishing it in Leofinance you earned 40 LEO more.

But if they were very cool, that can be used by users when making crypto guides, right?

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Hey mate, since I made it for someone who specifically paid for the exclusivity, I wouldn't suggest using them in your own blogs. At least not without the credits to the original guide. Hope you understand!

@forexbrokr is the owner of these graphics so he can tell you exactly if you can use them or not.

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Hey @fabian98,

All I ask is that you link to the original @crypto-guides post if you use them.

Just a single link to that specific guide, anywhere in the post and under relevant anchor text.

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Doing what I can to help you with the DV @finguru (one of the reasons I post much less frequently than I once did ...). Love to see these examples of business enterprises thriving on our Hive blockchain.

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Thank you so much for the support @roleerob. No wonder you are active on Leo Finance. That is why I love this place. Everyone understands the value of each other's work and supports each other.

I wish more people see this and get inspired. There are ample amount of opportunities. Just need to keep looking. ✌

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You did an outstanding job! Very creative. I may hire you myself someday!

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Thanks a lot Dan. 🙏🙏 Always happy to help. Just a tag away.

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Love the work you design for the thumbnails.

Thank you so much @salexa5. Cheers! ✌

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Definitely a good job and I don't see it as badly paid. This shows that Leofinance has many other possibilities than the obvious ones.

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I got paid well considering LEO was $1 a few months ago. I powered up half of them and paid the other half to myself. ✌

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This is great work!

hustle standard

Thanks a lot, mate. Utopis to the moon! \m/

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Maybe you can make some info graphics for Utopis.

I will get on it and see what I can do! Could you please share the logo with me?

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@finguru! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @chronocrypto.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at hive.pizza (1/20)

Hey @finguru, here is a little bit of BEER from @pouchon for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

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Maybe you will also train me,so that I will be like you boss

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Sure mate. Let me know how I can help. Always ready to support you.

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Please I want to know how to create a nice post

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Maybe I will write a blog on how to write a nice blog.

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Please I need it

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well done!

Thank you so much, Petra. Cheers!

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Yes, mate. Hopefully, more people enjoying selling and buying services using HIVE and LEO.

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