HURRY! EXODE Booster Sale Ends This Tuesday

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What Is Exode?

EXODE is a space colonization P2E (Play To Earn) game built on Hive Blockchain. It is set in the year 2325 when all of humanity is wiped out (by aliens ofcourse) and only space stations are left with the last surviving humans. Players are space captains in charge of their own space stations. The main objective of the game is to prevent the extinction of mankind. As captains, you have to create your own team, go through missions, escape to other planets and colonize on them! The game is not out yet with all the features but it's slowly picking up and currently, it is in Early Alpha status and there is a test version that you can try too.

Recently @elindos, Exode's developer joined the Cryptomaniacs Podcast hosted by @taskmaster4450le and @jongolson. They talked about the vision and the future of Exode and Play-2-Earn Blockchain gaming. I FOMOed and got me 😃 some Starter Packs and Boosters.

How To Get Started

It's pretty simple and straightforward but there are things you need to know before putting your money in. The first thing you need to get is the Starter Packs. You should have at least one Exode Starter to play the game. Go to and click on "Get Packs" and then you will see the below screen.


Don't do anything just yet. If you want to buy all three starters i.e Navy Lieutenant, Ark Scientist, and Elected Leader, then click on the right arrow button on top where "STARTERS" is written.


BOOM! Now you can have all three at a $10 discount. I made a mistake and bought a single starter first and then I bought all three together. Don't make the same mistake if you want all three. Also, if you use my referral link: or id 7fffbdc while placing the order then you will get 2 free boosters. We will start closer to each other in the galaxy. And if our group has at least 10 members, then each member will receive a random Epic Character card.

Let's do it, Captains. 😁

Once you make the order via Paypal (Credit/Debit Card) or HIVE, your packs will appear in your Exode account and you can check their status here:

Just replace "YourUsername" in the above link with your Hive id without "@" and you will be able to see all your orders. It can take sometime for them to show up, so relax!


The next Step is to open your collection and see what cards you got. Once you open all of them, they will appear on the same link when you scroll down further.


Booster Packs - Alpha Sale Ends On 7th Sept.

So you got some random cards from your Starter packs. They have different attributes like type, rarity, Elite Status etc. Now, what to do? Now you go and get those BOOSTERS. Their alpha sale is going to end this Tuesday i.e. 7th Sept.


They are at $3 now. A week ago or so they were selling at $2.5 I guess and I didn't buy. So get them at this rate before they are gone. Not sure when's the next sale is going to be. With each BOOSTER you get 5 random cards. Buy as many as you can! Open them and get more cards that would add value to your space station.

Today is my lucky day because I bought 10 boosters and got a rarest of the rarest card. Only 2 of these have been minted before I got the third one.


I am gonna buy more before this sale ends. This is how my account looks so far in terms of USD value. Have a look yourself and see how I did so far.


This little investment early in the game can be great for long-term returns if Exode could replicate the success of @splinterlands or my $70 investment goes to zero, which is highly unlikely. Do check out this game and let me know if you have got any boosters. Remember, the sale is going to end on the upcoming Tuesday. Have any questions? Exode Discord:

Don't forget to use my referral link or id 7fffbdc. It's free and you get bonuses as explained above.

Happy Launching! 🚀



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I only bought 2 boosters but it seems I didn't get much luck when I opened one.

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Not a problem J. Try to buy more if you can or just wait for the game to release. I have heard that you can buy them from the market but there are only limited boosters available.

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What's your take on the game? Does it have explosive potential?

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Some of the major game features are not out yet but I am really pleased with the graphics and gameplay screenshots. I am pretty sure it's going to be far superior to the usual Trading Card games. Of course, it has great potential to go big quickly because P2E is hot right now and with Hive, it's fast and feeless.

Right now I am trying to understand how all the in-game machinery works, there are multiple moving parts and you need to have a good understanding and a working strategy to get ahead in the game. So it's going to be fun, challenging, and hopefully rewarding. 🤑🤑

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Just bought the starter 👍 Gonna buy some booster now 😎 Thanks!

Captain of the Captains Mr. @olebulls. 🙏

Let's own this universe 😬

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Used your referral to buys the tripple starter pack! :D

Awesome man. Appreciate it. Our colonies will be adjacent to each other in the game. ✌️ See ya there ;)

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Awesome! See ya there!

Nice one,you win that means you have to call for celebration thanks.

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Haha. I am celebrating with a peg of cheap Whiskey cuz all my money is gone buying boosters. 😂

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