How Splinterlands Can Benefit From Axie Infinity's Popularity

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Blockchain gaming is one of the core sectors that is contributing to mass crypto adoption. Now, gamers & investors can own Digital Assets to earn crypto by using them within the game or trade them for profit. It's one of the emerging ways to make money online and there are many players who are earning their daily bread by just playing various blockchain games. No wonder the count of new NFT games is growing every week.

Axie Infinity is one of the most popular Play-2-Earn games. The maximum activity to it is coming mostly from developing countries (Philippines, Venezuela & Brazil) which got hit severely by COVID. This game has provided an income source to such players at a time when the unemployment rate is so high all over the world. It is impacting lives in a great way!

Another P2E game that has gained so much popularity over the last few weeks is Splinterlands. It is set to become the no. 1 game in terms of daily active user count and that's huge!



Monsters vs Axies

You just need a $10 investment to get started with Splinterlands while on Axie Infinity, you need $1200-1400 to buy 3 Axies at least which are required to start the game. Also, transactions on Splinterlands are fast & feeless since it is built on Hive Blockchain whereas Axie is built on Ethereum, known for its insane GAS fees. If you are new to Splinterlands, please check out this basic guide by @crypto-guides to get you started with the game.

In this blog, I am not going to cover and discuss other differences. We will only compare the social activity related to both of these games in the last month to see which one is more popular and how Monsters can steal the show from the cute Axies.

Social Dominance

Lunarcrush is a website that provides real-time cryptocurrency social media analytics and crypto exchange. If you and search for Axie Infinity, then you will get the different scores and social metrics to understand the current hype on social media about the game. On the left-hand side, you can see a lot of red. It means that the social activity of Axie is slowly dying even though there were 1.1M Tweets were done in the past one month. Those are some huge numbers.


Now comes the interesting part. If you see similar data for Splinterlands, you will find out that the social activity has grown quite a lot in the past one month and it just doesn't seem to stop. Just look at the Twitter volume seeing a rise of 80% with 33.4K Tweets done in total. Soon monsters will get ahead and take over all of the social media, not just Twitter. But can we make that happen a little sooner?


10x Social Activity = 10x or 100x Users? Who knows, we will never know until we try something to make that 10x.

Target Axie Owners

Apart from being gaming junkies, Axie Infinity players aka Axie owners are also social media junkies. Are we running ads to target them @aggroed and @yabapmatt? Since these Players already know how blockchain gaming works, they are most likely to convert. They must be bored by playing with those cute little Axies, they need some thrill and monsters can provide that.

Social media ads on Facebook and Twitter can boost the no. of new players joining Splinterverse. You guys can target the following demographics and audiences (keywords) to maximize the ROI on your ads:

  1. Country: Philippines, Venezuela, and Brazil.
  2. Age: 16-35
  3. Sex: Male
  4. Target Keywords: Axie Infinity, Play to Earn, Blockchain Gaming, How To Make Money With Crypto, How To Earn Crypto etc.
  5. In some countries, you can even target employment or working status. College-going kids might have $10 or $100 dollars to spare but $1200 is a huge dent in their pockets.

Social media ads to target these countries are so cheap and you can even boost your social media activity apart from getting direct sign-ups or sales. Young people react more to these ads and luckily our audience is also the same. Check out the below ad I saw on my Facebook a few days ago. Since I keep using those keywords while searching on google, I was targeted:


You just need to use a picture or a sexy video with an ad copy to lure Axie players to Splinterlands. I am not sure if you guys are considering it already but it's worth a try.

Someone Make The Damn Documentary

There's one more marketing hack that we can use for Splinterlands. Do you know there is an 18 minute documentary about the Play 2 Earn gaming scene in the Philippines? Actual players from one small community in the rural part of the country are sharing their experience and how a simple blockchain game changed their lives.

Check this out on Youtube:

I know for a fact that Splinterlands has also changed several lives. We all can do this with a little bit of community effort. Just need someone to take an initiative and then massive actions. Pre-production, shooting, and editing the movie would require time and capital. But it's also worth a try.

These are some of the ideas I wanted to pitch to the devs of the game and the SL community. Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions below. Let's take Splinterlands to the moon. 🚀



Not financial advice. For infotainment purposes only.

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Well I think its fairly good as they are people who wouldn't mind entering Splinterlands for earning. However I do think its probably a limited market since they the axie players aren't as numerous.

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There are a little less than 1 Million distinct Axie Owners out there. I think it's worth a try. And while targeting we can expand it further (other demographics) once this audience is consumed. The niche target audience is generally lower in number but the conversion rate is higher. So I guess it's worth a shot.

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Not so sure about creating somewhat misleading cover images to lure people over to Splinterlands, but the general idea is really good. A lot of traffic and interest swaps over from Axie to Splinterlands and we should somehow incentivize people to create that kind of content.

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Sorry, @flauwy if it came out as misleading people. We should never do that ever. Just need to present the good things about Splinterlands while creating the ad copy (text that will go with the ad) and a trailer to the game showing the gameplay and the features. That would suffice to create a paid viral marketing campaign on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter. It has the potential to attract a huge chunk of Axie's audience to us. All of I asking is to capitalize on this opportunity.

incentivize people to create that kind of content.

Definitely a great idea. Without a doubt, "word of mouth" is the best form of Marketing. I was convinced to play the game only by watching videos of @bulldog125. Podcasts, Review videos, Documentaries, Articles, Guides, Artwork - Everything works.

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Here's a mockup to explain what I meant. A simple ad campaign such as this one would work wonders.


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I think it will be very easy to capture the audience from developing countries into @splinterlands due to low entry price. There must be good cash flow after the rapid growth. I think it is a good time for a Brave Ads campaign.

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I agree with this. And people do not even need to spend their own money. I mean that they can earn it on the Steem/Hive blockchain, so they do not have to take it out of their own purse, nor from their own bank account/bank card. Everyone can pay directly from their Steem/Hive wallet. I bought the Beta Starter Set on 2018.12.30 with my Steem earnings.

I give you some !PIZZA.

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This is a very important feature other games don't have. They are built on overly expensive whale chains or blockchains that are only focused on gaming.

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That's true @vimukthi. Running Brave ads would be a great idea. Brave users are our audience. ✌️

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Excellent article about growing Splinterlands and Hive!
Excellent point about Ethereum Gas Fees!
Upvoted, shared and tweeted the link!

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Thanks a ton, @shortsegments.

Splinterlands for life. Hive for life. 🧡🧡

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