The good and bad of saving and investing

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The 2 common pieces of advice in finance is saving and investing money. These two have been the two you would hear from any financial advisers. While they are both good ways to secure the future, they have their good and bad.

I have read many blogs on finance that suggest that saving is the best way to secure the future because there are many risks attached to the investment. I have a client that invested $100,000 into stock many years ago and the money went null. Currently, he is just trying to stabilize his finance again. This means there is risk surrounding investments. I invested in steem when steem was $3 but it later turned $0.30. I lost massively during that period. That I have to suffer some things. However, it would be another story if steem turned $10 each. So in any investment, you either lose or win. People believe the best investment in Real estate. Currently, lands in some regions of the world are losing value because of the consistent terrorist attack on the regions.

Saving money is good but you only get what you saved. No increment no gain. But this will keep your money till the last day you need it. I am used to encouraging people that are aged to save more than young people. A man in his 60s should try fewer things. People that are aged should save more and invest little. Because if the investment fails, the savings will be there to keep them alive. I have seen many people dying early because of wrong investments. Even some right system can fail at a point that the investors might need their money.

Saving and investing are good but based on time, investment type and value. What are your thoughts about this?

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