Stacking up some Leo and other Hive engine tokens

in LeoFinance4 days ago (edited)

I understand the opportunities in the second layer communities on Hive since the inception of the technology. There are many communities then and some of the best ones are Sportstalk, Palnet, Leofinance and others. I decided to pick sports and palnet as my investment point and I stacked up millions of them but after some period the value dwindled and I was quite emotional and sold off.

I could not see the Gem in Leo at that point. I know I would have been among the highest holder by now. I was among the highest holders of sports tokens then, however, it is not the end. There are still opportunities in Leo with the great potentials in it and the vast of applications that will come live this year. The consistency of the developers also is enough to show that Leo will be something good this year. There was a time that Leo token went up to $1. The rally might happen again this year and I don't want to miss it.

Leo has been within the range of $0.25 to $0.19 price for many months now and it seems the token can not go below that value. It will be the best price for anyone to buy and hold for a long time. At least, through 2022. I started buying Leo 7 days ago and I currently hold only 760 Leo. Well, it is just the very beginning. My next post will be when I have 1,500 Leo which should be in a very short time(a few days). Leo is part of my investment plans for 2022 and I will focus on it.

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