Crypto, Land banking and Bank savings

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This is a comparison, but I am not against any. Crypto has ruined some people. Land has ruined some people. 2008 was a massive loss for a lot of people in Stock. So none of these is perfect 100%. However, there is a probable profits margin.

In 2006, I bought 100 plots of land for $3,500 based on naira to dollar value then. After 12 months I decided to sell 50 plots and I sold for around $12,000. Which means I still have 50 plots. Because of some factors, I left my city to another city and the land is still there. The last time I asked they said each plot there is now worth $600. That means I am already in a considerable profit.

I have been doing land banking for many years. I have been buying lands in Abuja also for many years and possess plenty of plots. The aim is to keep for some times and sell off later. So, land banking has been working for me. Many factors also affect land depending on your environment.

I started crypto in 2017 and I have seen the good, bad and ugly. 2021 was a massive year. I realized over $50,000 trading and I invested more in land banking. My first 2 years in crypto was a loss but my persistency has been the key to my success in Crypto. Crypto and land banking have been the two investments I like. I can't remember the last time I save money in the bank. I think bank is not really for saving money, it is for money transactions. Crypto is really an eye-opener, and thanks to the Satoshis. I think anyone saving money waiting in the bank need some information.

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Nice one. $50k in profit is chilled mhn. Land is definitely a good means of investment

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Yes brother. Thank you for stopping by.

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