Smart NFT Marketplace by OpenSea (Seaport)

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Smart NFT Marketplace by OpenSea (Seaport)

A new wave of NFTs are about to hit the market and it's coming with a bang from OpenSea one of the leaders in the NFT marketplace space. A new platform dubbed Seaport will be the site for these so called Smart NFTs.

What Is A Smart NFT?

Seaport will be using what is know as the EIP-712 contract. It's a signature payload that more clearly shows what will be received and who it's backed by. This should help to eliminate those scams or other things that people aren't exactly sure if they are buying the real thing or not. This will become increasingly important as many don't look at the contract to verify and instead just trust the UI they are on.

Another focus is on reducing gas fees which as of late have not been a big issue simply because markets have been a little on the slow side. In fact I just minted a NFT the other day for $3.07 for a $400 sale. Not bad! Before during the prime of the NFT crazy it would run you anywhere from $50 - $150 to mint a NFT.

These small changes will they seem to have a small impact now will have a larger one come the time NFTs take off again and the network becomes congested. I feel it's important to constantly work towards efficiency so when that time comes for explosive growth you are in the best position you could be in.

What Does Seaport offer?

One of the big changes it the Tipping feature which allows someone to tip on the artwork instead of just buying it at listing price. Along with the Zones and Channels that improve the transaction flows and helps prevent abuse on the platform. Lessons learned from OpenSea.

I can't fully confirm it yet but they also seem to be moving towards a decentralized governance system. Maybe that's the results of the open lawsuits they are currently facing and a way for them not to be held accountable?

It's also unknown if the NFT marketplace is going to really become something now. With both the market crash in not only crypto but also stocks including high inflation the disposable income people have is getting less and less to spend on things such as this. In many cases these are high risk quick money grabs where people don't really care all that much about the NFT itself and simply want to resell it later for a profit. It's a ugly trend that happened once people became aware of the success of bored ape yacht club. Now you can get hippos, knock off clones among many other weird NFTs.

For the full write up directly from Opensea you can read it here OpenSea introduces SeaPort

What do you think of the NFT marketplace? Is it enough to get it rolling again or simply a way for OpenSea to try and get themselves out of legal troubles rolling forward? I'l

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What does tipping actually do for the NFTs? You like the artwork but you don't want to buy it so you leave some money on it?

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Well, appreciation for viewing it. I think

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It good thing opensea is moving to another level , reducing charges and trying to move to decentralized, government system,the more we see crypto the more opportunities with interesting fun

The tipping option will be a nice addition.

I still believe in Nft projects but I feel there's a lot that still needs to be worked on in the NFT space.

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That tipping feature is cool. I believe that we will much more new use cases for NFTs pretty soon. Owning and buying and selling for profits is just not enough. Of course there are now staking platforms for NFTs and unlocking assets or features with them and stuff like that but I'm still waiting for more innovative things.

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Seaport might be a great place for NFT. Lower transaction fees are important, tipping feature could may this unique !

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Nft project are now coming up with nice ideas and we will still alot of this in the nearest future

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Pretty cool to see them actually doing something new.

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