LeoThreads Will Pave The Way For New Social

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LeoThreads Will Pave The Way For New Social

It's here! The beta live version of what will soon be a twitter like social media platform for the Hive blockchain! Introducing LEO Threads.

How Do You Access Leo Threads

Leothreads can be accessed by going to LeoFinance.io and clicking on Threads in the top menu seen here.

Or you can go directly to LeoThreads

What Is Leo Threads?

Leo Threads is a beta version of what will be a full new project later that will mimic the likes of twitter in terms of social media. This short form content is popular. This beta testing phase is to work out all the kinks so the more people like yourself posting, commenting and interacting with the platform the better, faster and more robust the final product will be.

That's not all though LeoThreads also offers LEO and HIVE rewards for posting just like you get for blog posts. Now your short form content could be worth as much if not more then a full blog posts. Tons of value is shared on short form content such as this daily.

How Does LEO Threads Work?

Leo Threads works in a way that posting happens on the second layer. This means your thread posts do not show up as a main post/blog post which is often a pain when it comes to other platforms such as the buzz platform. These 2nd layer still offers up rewards while keeping your feed clutter free.

How Does Leo Threads Benefit LEO Token?

Ad revenue is a big one at the moment. The introduction of this type of platform offers up a very real possibility to a influx in ad revenue. This ad revenue will be finding its way back to those who stake leo tokens or own leo tokens in some way. More importantly though it offers up the ability to attract more users to the platform and start to shape what a real web3 application of twitter might look like.

Understanding the UI Layout of Leo Threads

UI Is very important and the UI to LeoThreads is pretty clean cut and straight forward.


  1. The link that takes you to #LEOThreads
  2. Here you can see trending hash tags and filter them to see threads on topics you enjoy
  3. Notis one of the most important features so you can reply back to others and have a good idea of what's going on.
  4. The area you can comment back on if you are within someone else thread. Clicking on the back arrow at the top near the Thread text will take you back a level which you can then click to create your own thread.

Some Prizes On The Line

5k in prizes is up for grabs to those taking an active part in LeoThreads. Full details on this can be found on 5k usdleo threads

What Topics Are Accepted?

Nearly all subjects are accepted! Simply use the # hash tag of the topic you want to write about to rank it and make it searchable within the system. This is what make LeoThreads powerful and gives more people a way to start earning LEO tokens outside writing finance related blog posts.

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It's another perfect entry point for hive and can be a beast on it own

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