Building Foundations For Success

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Building Foundations For Success

With the great reset in the crypto markets now is the best time to start building your foundations for success. The things you wish you did or had while the rally was taking place are prime for the taking with the massive correction in the markets around the world. While many see doom and gloom it's actully opportunity at an unprecedented scale.

Onboarding The Right way

As you might remember I built some minor systems for LEO, CUB and PolyCub which I continue to run to this day. If you'd like to check out the core pages for those they are...

LEO Onboarding Lead Capture

Cub/PolyCub Lead Capture

These systems now run on their own with passive marketing and nothing really active. It's just in my social profiles and some of the popular articles that drive SEO traffic have call to actions on them for these systems. To date these now generated around 1-5 leads per day passively. That means I do no work on them anymore and the only cost really is the domain and hosting fee.

Well now I want to expand on that. I said I was going to go crypto full time this year and that was looking promising till the recent mass sell off. I want to now build more passive systems like this with articles to support and back them up. Building one of the most basic but high converting leads possible which will generate new users to the Hive ecosystem. In order to do this I'm going to attempt to ask for some funds from hive in the form of HBD and see how that goes. I know the last market event that cost well over $100,000 was a huge disaster. I won't be asking for anything near that as those old market tactics are dead tactics that get no results or the wrong type of results where everyone treats hive as a ATM machine and not a investment.

I'm hoping to have that written up and planned out to present before I leave for about two weeks and will start work on it Mid/End of July as long as the funding gets pushed through.

Building Wealth

Many see wealth as how much $ you have. Well in the crypto world we need to start looking at it as how much token we have. My goals are to have a huge stack of crypto from every possible place I believe in that's Hive, Splinterlands, LEO, Polygon, ADA and Binance primarily. Right now is the best time to stack up on more and prepare yourself for when the next rally happens.

If you can get yourself doing well during what right now could very well be one of the worst times for crypto and the markets then you're going to be very well off when the rally happens.

I wrote about this in detail in a previous article here on LeoFinance here

Focus on Units not Price


APRs and prices are at both extremes right now which open up some of the best unit stacking ever! People complaining right now about their price of CAKE for example don't realize you can buy more or start putting it to work and earn MORE than you would have in the last two years. A majority of people are stuck on $ value and not the real value which is the token itself and I think that's critical now more than ever.

CUB currently has held it's price above $0.03 for months now even during the massive sell off. Plus we know the effective measures at Polycub will be introduced into CUB once its figured out. This potential is larger than it's ever been before. Consider your thoughts during the bull market and start opening up those positions now that we are in the bear. Building the foundation for the next bull run.

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Quick question about those pages you created, what are people nowadays using for that? WordPress or something else?

The ones you see are from ClickFunnels however there are a boatload of options now.
Combo I use because it's the least expensive for me is
ClickFunnels (hosting) - Free for me personally because of work I've done in the past
Mailerlite (one of the best lowest cost auto responders and emailing systems I've found)

Other options could be
Wordpress with some type of free or paid plugin so you're looking at server costs of about $20 - $40 month and the cost of the plugin about $97 a year for something like ThriveLeads and then the cost of the auto responder a free to $9/month at first.

Ok! I'll have to check those you mentioned. I'm planning on creating this light page and using WordPress/Elementor but it's been like two years ago so checking some options now.

This was helpful, thanks for the long reply, really appreciate it!

There are some of us even silently clamoring for lower prices so that we can increase our holdings, it’s not because we are mad it’s just because we understand that markets will market and present opportunities in both times.

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Great time to put "Dollar Cost Averaging" to work

Yes ser

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