Superficial Stock Analysis: FENER - 12

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Hello to everyone. I will make a brief evaluation of FENER shares traded in Borsa Istanbul.

I made a post about this a week ago. In that post, I said that unless there is an extreme situation, the price will stay at these levels and I do not expect a decrease. As of today, it continues as I predicted.

Stock is priced between 32.64 TL and 33.52 TL today. And it was 33.22 TL at the close. This price fluctuation shows that it offers a good buy-sell opportunity.


I am using the site to create the images. this site's technical analysis pin shows "buy strong".


The situations I mentioned in my previous post still remain valid. For this, I still do not expect a decrease unless something goes wrong. But if good news comes about the transfer of coaches and players, we can expect a rise.

However, these are all my subjective views. I don't want it to be perceived as investment advice. You have to make your investment decisions entirely yourself.

Note: I translated the article from Turkish with Google Translate. I'm sorry for this.

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