If It's Cheap, Is It Worthless?

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Hello there. Is this a game of general human psychology? We often see cheap as worthless. This is true from the tomato in the grocery store to the t-shirt in the store, from the mobile phone to the pen, from stocks to cryptocurrencies. For example, we go to a grocery store, there are two types of tomatoes for 3 liras and 5 liras. Most of the time we go for the 5 lira one. Because 3 lira is always 3 lira because it is bad. However, sometimes it can be the opposite.

This also applies to ordinary clothing. If it's expensive it's good, it's expensive because it's good. However, there were sweaters that I bought at a very affordable price and wore comfortably for 10 years. But for some reason, the expensive one always attracts attention. We say that instead of paying 10 liras to wear it for 1 year, we will pay 30 and wear it for 2 years.

I think this situation is more dominant in investment matters. Currently, Bitcoin is about 38 thousand dollars. No one around me asks about bitcoin. No one says we should invest that much. However, if BTC goes to 50 thousand dollars tomorrow, I'm sure its investor will increase by at least 20%.

For some reason we can't get out of this psychology. Cheap is worthless to us. When it becomes valuable, we immediately pursue it. Our timings are wrong. Our psychological state is faulty. At least in terms of investment and spending.

What is your opinion on this? Feel free to comment. Is the cheap worthless, the expensive valuable?
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masses psychology up until a couple of months ago: doge bad because doge cheap
top dog psychology: buy doge, tell masses they bought doge, ???, profit

Our psychological state is faulty


Great example, thank you.