Bitcoin Over $40,000

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Hello there. After about 20 days, Bitcoin rose above $ 40,000 again. I don't know if we should consider this the end of this big fix or something else.

According to some, this rise of Bitcoin took place with a tweet of Elon Musk. Elon Musk responded to a tweet claiming that he was doing price manipulation on Bitcoin. He said Tesla sold only 10% of its BTC holdings. And he said that BTC-related transactions can be continued in the coming period.

I don't know if this claim is true or false. We do not know whether Elon Musk will invest in BTC in the coming period. But there is a movement in Bitcoin these days. I think this move will drag altcoins along.

Of course this is my personal opinion. It's not investment advice.

See you again.

Take care of yourself and your hive.


Definitely I always believed that all hope is not lot on Bitcoin even after surviving the recent fall ,it as not been bad when is comes to coming back to it normal stage and with interest created on it from some countries of recent ,that also is going to add to it going higher,don't be surprised if Bitcoin grows more than it recent stage in days to come

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I hope it will be as you say. It would be great if we, as Hive, follow him and become more valuable.

I agree with you @pthker2010 i just hope things will get better

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