New concept - Lego as a currency - abstract artistical perspective ...

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Finally, some would understand that lego is soon a form of currency ...

When people will understand this, then, lego will be prepared to release their own #crypto token ...

For example, recently we've discovered that for instance, a lego set that has these characters inside of it was a few months ago just 20-30 $


When i mean these characters, it's only D2R2 and C3-PO with their spaceship.

Unfortunately, i've had right now only this photo that i took with them along with all the other famous characters from #starwars ...

Th other famous character from that set is the SandolOrion ... this is the name i gave to this awesome sand trooper ...


Now, you can reflect about what lego might mean in the future, and especially when it step further the #crypto matrix ...

If alibaba did their token and amazon will do their, and even spotify started their tapping the water protocol through libra coin, i can guess, that lego will be stepping inside this world of crypto tokens very soon.

Why i am saying this and why i've presented this lego set is because its price grewfrom 20-30 $ to 80 $ or more right now.

Now you understand when i am saying that lego is not just a way to play, and it's not only a way of escapism for children and mature persons as well from this world and through its vast spectrum, you'll be able to create infinite stories, figures and new lego sets ...

It will become a real value, a real currency ...

Meanwhile, just enjoy your lives #hivers from #broadhive #community ...


Leave the market to go wherever she wants :)) Anniway soon will be a correction that lots of people will not be able to comprehend it ...

Ciao a tutti.


Lego would make a fine currency. But I would be worried about lego inflation.

So, I think I would put my money in the LGBT lego set thinking that LGBT lego is less likely to reproduce than CIS-norm lego.

Come on, you put horny little CIS-norm lego is a box and come back a year later just find it overflowing with baby legos. Then you have to buy more lego sets to find home for all the baby legos.

It is an unending cycle.

I would be so rich if this was the case! Eat !PIZZA



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Thanks for your comment @stickupboys




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