Introducing a Unique tribe on Hive (BROADHIVE)

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Expanding The Hive Blockchain

What is BroadHive is a community formed through the Broadmeans Academy. Broadmeans is a tech and blockchain academy that empowers people in tech, blockchain, and cryptos. There are tonnes of blockchain enthusiasts and cryptocurrency investors in the academy.


The Birth of blockchain technology creates an opportunity for decentralization. The Broadhive project aims to build a community of millionaires, talents, tech developers, and enrich evolutionists. This we believe can be achieved through a centre for knowledge, efficient trading/good investment strategies, and a place to showcase talent.

Efficient trading (Deep diving about blockchain projects and finding the solution for wealth making)

Investment strategies(Creating stable ROI strategies and getting the best ones.)

Skills (Creating a community that allows people to show their skills without any limitation and having a market place to trade them)

Evolution(Bring the qualities in the past to the current time and making use of these qualities to create a better quality)

Why we choose Hive?

The Birth of the Hive blockchain is through the power of one voice, which is the creation/fork from the Steem blockchain. We see that the side chain, (Hive-engine) makes it easy to build dapps and community with purpose, that's why we bring the project to the Hive blockchain.

BroadHive Purpose

  • Skills
  • Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and tech knowledge
  • Vintage Evolution (Review of Vintage products. The evolution of products.)
  • Staking(Proof of Stake (Next feature))

What Broadhive means for Hive

Well, Hive blockchain is already a success with the current thousands of users on it. However, a plus is always for value for any ecosystem. With the number of people in broadmeans academy, it's sure that the BroadHive community is going to make an impact on the Hive blockchain because Broadhive has a live community of investors, traders, and many blockchain enthusiasts. We aim to drive all these categories of people to the Hive blockchain through the BroadHive tribe.



Many successful people in various fields are unique because of the special skills they add to their work. Everyone has one skill or the other. On BroadHive, users can showcase their talent/skills for others to learn. Skill is the ability to do something expertly. Many people these days don’t depend on white-collar jobs alone because it is less lucrative compared to how it used to be. Now, people rely on their skills, both technical and otherwise to earn a living.

The entire world is going digital, and lots of companies and enterprises are moving in that direction. A lot of jobs are being taken over by robots and the internet. People who can only survive this trend, are those with technical skills or technical know-how.


Tech is taking over every day and some people are still far behind. While this is generally in the world, many Africans are still behind especially on tech like blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and many other trending and future technology.

As we already have a live community where people learn about blockchain technology and others, we want to use this community to create a decentralized place to collaborate and build everyone.



Vintage refers to the age of a product to the year it was created. This means that, if a product was created in the year 1980, the vintage of that product would be the year it was launched subtracted from the current year.

In a simple form, the calculation for the value of a product is Value = Benefits / Cost. So it doesn't matter the year or time a product is made. A good product must always have a significant value. All products and tech in the world are passing through evolution/improvement. A batter system that worked forever ago is now going fully digital. There are more we can do and know about other techs and projects. And Broadhive will be the channel for the information. We want to have professional evolutionists and we want to use this community to create many evolutionists, not just on organic life but on every aspect of value.

STAKING(Poof Of Work)

Our community holds a lot of people with different interests and we don't want anyone to be left out. A short questionnaire was given to 20 people that are above 50 years on whether they can get involved in content creation or microblogging in any form. A few picked micro-blogging while most wrote NO. So, in other to ensure everyone is included, the staking component would allow investors that are not willing to participate in the content section to join and use the community.

When to use the community

The community is live, but the token is not yet in the market, therefore posting right now will give no reward. However, the token sales will start on Saturday, 26th, March 2021. 6 AM UTC.

What is next?

This post aims to create awareness for the people to know the aims and objectives of BroadHive on the Hive blockchain. There will be another post in 24hours that would show our Scotbot setting in the Hive engine and other needed information for adequate transparency.

Further, the project technical and process documentation will be made available on in few days.

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I wish you many success here on Hive! Don´t forget to include the LeoFinance community, probably the most active community of crypto enthusiasts you ever can find on a decentralized social media platform.
How do you do the token sale? Any kind of airdrop planned for existing token holders?

Hi, thanks for this. Well, the token sales will start on Saturday at 6 am UTC. There will be airdrops after the sales. We will give information about that later.

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A successful meetup and its commemorative badge

Interesting general direction, do you intent to mainly go by ‚bhive‘ or ‚broadhive‘?

Is Hive generally new territory for most of you?

Yes. we are new to hive but not the blockchain tech. We will use the bhive and broadhive for now. We will create more tags later.

Thanks for the input.

Very looking forward to you :)) cheers !BEER

Hey @broadhive-org, here is a little bit of BEER from @manniman for you. Enjoy it!

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Nice to see you asking questions here. I'm triying to find all those I know before when @dcooperation was active. Please check my recent post. The community is restored and active again and I even created a token for that and it's already on the market. I'm not sure about the tribe, but it's planed.

Sounds Great 👍 Wish you a Good Luck 😊


Welcome to hive
hive is unique platform and caters to various communities
wish you sucess.

Any airdrops planned?

Thank you. Yes, there will be airdrops and we will give information about it in subsequent posts.

Sounds interesting.
Are the founders new to hive as well or just the tribe?
Always good to put a name to a project.

Thank you. One of the Hive user @darewealth invites us to this blockchain. The project is a community project and there are no founders. Rather, there are working team and one of them is @bigmain who is new. Most of the other members are still very new.

That's great.
Welcome to hive and hopefully we can see you grow out your tribe and become a big part of the eco-system.



Hello all! Found this post from POB due to a great post by @funnel , I have some business development skill blogs I have been doing and what to do more on but never found a home for... hoping this might be the place? I'll share them and if I read the room wrong please let me know and I'll remove. Excited to see this community grow!

good luck on here! Just seen what you are about and will check out the website and group!

nice to meet you gif.gif