Are You Among The Current 63 People Eligible For The Airdrop?


Hello great people, we announced some of our plans and current work on the development of workminizone yesterday and the news came along with our airdrop to stakers on BHT. The development of the miniworkzone is on and we should have it as stated in the last post.

Checking the BHT Richlist, we find out that only 63 people will be eligible for the airdrop because of the terms attached to it. This will be a chance for a lot of people to bag more BHT without posting or curating.

So, if you are not eligible you still have the chance till coming Saturday 6 AM UTC.



Airdrop distribution

BHT StakedAirdrop
1,000 - 5,0005%
5,001 - 15,0007%
15,001 - 30,00010%
30,001 - 50,00012%
50,001 - Upward15%

We will take the snapshot on the 24th of July 2021, 6 AM UTC and the distribution will start immediately.

We are working to make the community better and your corporation will be a huge plus.

Thank you!


Wow... this is awesome reward. I think this is one of the beauty of this community. One will get timely feedback as well as reward.

Thanks for sharing a timely feedback. I will try to stake my BHT as well.

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Looks like I am there in the richlist. Nice feeling about the same. Hopefully also eligible for airdrop 😀

I'm in!

Thinking here if I make a Stake up to 5k for 7% or I get what I currently have, which will be close to 4k...

Lucky i stumbles onto this! Had oover a 1000 bht unstaked!

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Thanks for the airdrop.

I just placed an order to see if I can get above the 5000 mark.


Hey @broadhive-org, here is a little bit of BEER from @rentmoney for you. Enjoy it!

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Nice stumbling upon this. Quite close to been eligible. Should be increasing my stake. Wouldn't want to miss out from this

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Thanks for the awesome air drop!