Frankie Ravens Collection Grows - (NFTShowRoom SOON)

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Frankie Ravens NFTs

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Just released two amazing new NFTs to the Frankie Ravens collection. These artworks sport powerful imaging and bright radiant colors. These depict the moment Frankie takes on her first villain named Vandore who releases a virus on the world called the goo goo virus.

You can check out the song here along with with some of the story of the graphic novel.


The new new artworks are titled
**Savior > **


**Karate Chop > **


Abandoned at the City Library as an infant, Frankie Ravens is adopted by custodians and grows up reading books and filling her mind with facts from every discipline of knowledge. On her 18th birthday, she is summoned by the Council of Librarians to lead the fight for enlightenment against perpetrators of chaos and disharmony. She battles villains in the real world and in cyberspace using her magic glasses, digital sorcery, and guidance from the Council.


Quick update on the new NFT collection here on Hive and the animated series on OpenSea. Final work is being done on it and those should be released by the end of this month! I'm so pumped and really believe you all are going to love the amazing fresh artwork about to hit NFTShowRoom