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I like the nice even numbers. I know there are immortals here who laugh at my power level, who flex their 100k or 2m power levels, but I will get there.


More training and more practice, cultivating my conduct, learning new techniques. Learning the ways of the Hive whale- what exactly do they write that lets them earn so many rewards? What level of genius must I attain in order that I too may be counted among the greatest here on Hive?

2 Months Ago - Back over 2100

I put my account in growth again in after having powered down some Hive and jumped into the LeoFinance community, vesting in the Hive-Engine system by depositing SWAP.HIVE, and now I am powering my account back up.

3,961,928.632755 VESTS when I reached 2100HP

Now I am at 2202.20 HP


I started powering up as soon as I knew it was safe to Login. I came here at launch from the previous chain which I joined in 2016, I am user #50,418 and this is the best place to create content in 2021 and beyond. The previous internet is failing due to over-centralization and censorship, and I think that the diversification and tokenization we are beginning to see on Hive is going to strengthen the abilities of the network. Development is funded from the Hive chain itself, by the users who vest and stake and trade the fuel that powers Hive, HIVE & HBD. HiveDollars can be traded or saved, and Hive must be powered up to increase stake on the base layer. Parks have been built, companies have been formed, games are being created, and users are able to eat in some places because bitcoin and hive are changing the world. Hive is the web + value and we have our own economic model here.

I started out small in the beginning, trading 0.35 cents worth of Bitcoin for my first STEEM to Power Up. All the while it was growing I kept posting, composing helpful content that I know I would refer back to, and could share for others to learn. Now I have 4,134,639.979407 VESTS at 2202.2 HP

In addition to Hive Power

I am also staking a few community tokens.

smike7-holdingPOB1b.png1,052.319 POB staked (up from 850.65) (150329)

-- Check out all these users powering up POB <--

smike5LEO.png120.005 LEO staked (up from 97.24) (167922)
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smike9-holdingLOTUS1b.png 846.878 LOTUS staked (up from 842.28) (120078)

-- Check out @amahovac93

smike111hetokenHOLD-foodie1b.png 2,043.174 FOODIE staked (up from 2,004.93) (120586)

-- Read @jannath.mohd


This is my coffee and breakfast today. I want to increase my stake of all the tokens I mentioned and more, while continuing to curate the best content in these communities. I intend to reach 5000 HP as soon as possible.




This nice of u,i love the way u crest goals for ur self it will really help u a lot and beside it will increase ur coffee lol

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!PIZZA Thanks for your comment I appreciate your reply. I hope to get even more coffee!



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This is nice. Thanks for the acknowledgment.

Quite a milestone here on hive. Congratulations

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I can only recommend to others what I myself have tried, otherwise I would not ask someone else to Power Up.

All through May and June and now in July I am still increasing my HP.

Yeah. Certainly a great way to go. Will be doing a whole lot more of power up myself for hive. Seem to have given enough for them tribes

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