When I am away from my family and home

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Every person in this beautiful world depends on our family. Begins to grow as a nation. Whether there is anyone in our world or not, no one loves you or not, but our family, our family members always love us. There is an age at which you will be separated from your family. It is very normal but no one wants to go to a place alone without family to make themselves self-sufficient properly.

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Hello friends how are you all hope you are doing very well today we are going to talk about a topic which I think is timely and very much needs to be talked about at this time because nowadays there is a lot of talk about family and family togetherness so today II want to talk to you about my real life how I started my first single life and where and how I started and why I started my single life but first we need to understand what family is based on. I will try after talking to us

A family is a universal form of people's collective life. The family has been around for as long as human society has existed on earth. A single definition of family is difficult to come by. Sociologists differ on the definition of family. Different sociologists have defined family from different perspectives.

The English word 'Family' comes from the Roman word 'Famuleas' which means 'servants'. In the Roman legal system, the term 'famulus' was used to refer to slave and productive classes, other servants, other members of the same clan, or related by marriage.

Others believe that the word 'Family' comes from the Latin word 'Familia' which means 'servant'. Just as there are differences of opinion about the origin of words, it is natural to have differences of opinion about the definition.


Here are the views of some sociologists from different perspectives:

  • According to sociologists Professor McIver and Page, a Family is a group defined by a sex relationship sufficiently precise and enduring to provide for the procreation and upbringing of children -a permanent institution for the birth and rearing of offspring).

  • Sociologist Professor Nimcoff (M. F. Nimcoff) says in his book 'Marriage and the Family, Family is a more or less durable association of husband and wife with or without children or of a man or women alone, with children (family is a type of permanent union, which is formed by husband and wife with or without children or women or men with children).

  • Burgess and Locke think, Family is a group of persons united by the consisting of a single household: interacting and intercommunicating with each other in their respective social creating a common culture (A family is a type of group in which different individuals are united by marriage, blood ties and adoption and they all live together in one house. There is interaction and communication between family members. They are appropriate social roles for the purpose of creating a common culture. (They are intimately bound together as husband and wife, parents, sons and daughters, and brothers and sisters).

Above I tried to talk a lot about family. To highlight the issues of the family that go with all of us. Now I will talk about how I started a lonely life far away from my family. I was separated from my family for the first time in 2014. When I move around for a job besides my studies. There was no place anywhere, I did not get work anywhere. That you have to do something for your future. That thinking mind was not working in my own efforts for work then after many efforts, I got a job in a private company. First in 2014.

I separated from my family in 2014 which was a very painful moment for me I was away from family for a long time when I mingled with my family when I came to my home I felt that there is no other happy person like me in this world all the happiness Peace has come to me. I am more than happy that these joys are more ascendant for me when I can overcome loneliness and socialize with my family and share the joys in the family.

I left my family for two long years and worked abroad in Bangladesh. But suddenly I didn't like that job anymore. I thought that I can't do anything in Bangladesh. Then I thought that I have to go out of the country. Then I moved from Bangladesh to Malaysia in 2016 for a job. And after 6 long years of my working life in Malaysia, I am currently staying in Bangladesh. I can't really explain how those moments were, how I got over these moments, tears come to my eyes when I say these words, was there anything like pain or even love in these days?


at least you have become a person who dares to step up to try new things, the sadness of being away from family can't be compared, but a real man is able to hide it.

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Thank you very much for sharing your valuable opinion with me I am very happy to share your valuable opinion with me

I also follow your posts all the time and the quality of your work is very good

In the search for greener pastures and to make meaning out of our lives, we get to push ourselves and do things we might not like. It is all for the future, that is why we work as we do.
Thank you for sharing this with us.

Thank you very much. I am very happy that. You have seen my post. I thought you wouldn't see my post. But if I get feedback from you, my work speed increases.