No Place Like Home.

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Greetings Everyone.


Welcome to my blog and another wonderful edition of the hive learners featured post, while growing up as a kid all I ever wanted was to leave home, to go live on my own where there's no one to tell me what to do and what not to do.

Growing up in the trenches made my childhood a memorable one, I had friends who always come over and sometimes I go over to their place, we play with tyres and flew kites you can imagine the fun but my parents were always against me going out to have this fun and all I ever wanted was to leave home and when the time to leave home came in 2018 I had one of the worst experience of my life.

In 2018 I wrote Jamb and got good grades so I had to leave home and my group of friends, leaving my friends behind actually pained my heart but I just had to, I left to live with my uncle for the time been until I got my own apartment on campus.

My uncle was never around so his wife was in charge of running all the affairs of the house, this woman turned me into a houseboy as I can stay even two days without eating but still expected to carry out all the chores in the house. I called my parents and cried all I could but nothing could be done until I get myself an apartment I can move into.

We lived in a three story building and we were the ones on the last floor, the shower and tap got bad and I was expected to fetch 24 gallons of water every morning, life became a living hell for me. What pains my heart was that this woman uses the water to wash her children's clothes and encourage her kids to use the water as they like, there's nothing I could do other than grumble and still fetch water the following day.

What I Learnt From The Experience.


A lot was learnt from stating with my uncle, it was my first time to ever leave home but it came with an awful experience.

  • The experience made me realize that there's no place like home, you can have an extended family but they can never treat you like your nuclear family.

  • I was made to realize that the quest for freedom comes with a price to pay.

  • The experience opened my eyes to see the reality of life, the journey to become a man is not an easy journey.

Thanks for reading my post.*


Quite an awful experience man.
Really sort for what they made you go through.
Lessons Learnt the hard way.
Thanks for sharing this with us sir.

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No place like home indeed. It is when you realize just how bad life outside can be that you will miss your home. But maturity is rising up to the challenge.
Thank you for sharing this with us.