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Home sweet home, as we always say. It's funny how attached we all are to our homes because we've lived there our entire lives, making it extremely difficult to leave.

Leaving a place where you have always known all your life is one big step to take in a person's life, but we have no choice but to do so since we all have our eyes on growing ourselves. As a result, leaving our original home and finding a new habitat is extremely stressful and sickening, as I have been down that road before.

As a kid, I always wanted to leave my parents badly. My mom's reason was that childhood was kind of not so fun for me, mostly quarrelsome, and I much hated that. But when I finally got the chance to leave home, it was one hard step to take.

Personal Experience and Reason that took me out of My Home

I have been with my parents since birth. I had to go stay with some family members from time to time, but it was mainly visiting, so I was used to it.

At some point, I was very much okay with the whole arrangement and felt comfortable because I really preferred staying out of my mom's presence back then. It was mostly toxic for me when she was around this was all the careless thinking of a child who needed freedom back then so being away from home was a relief to me.

All this happened, I was at peace but forgot the bigger picture that no matter how much I wanted to leave home, a day would come when that would happen freely without any issues and I was going to miss home.

So it happened that I got admission to further my studies. At first, it was great news, which was welcomed with so much joy. Preparation was all made for me to leave for school and I was happy. I was finally getting the freedoms I needed. So, in school, where I knew no one, I was completely alone, always alone, and mostly in doors.

My kind of person made things even worse for me because I couldn't make friends as fast as I needed that company. This is me, who had always wanted to leave home, and now all I needed was to return home because I miss my family so much.

It was really an experience. Being away from home got me so sick that I had to go get myself some drugs to help me get stable.

I was so sick of home and got so tired of the whole situation. I really needed to go back home. I lost my appetite for everything. I couldn't eat. All I could think of was to go back home.
I never knew it could be this hard to stay away from home.

Lessons From My Own Experience

At this point, I was able to get graps of some important lessons which have been very beneficial in my life journey, and some of them are:

  • The only constant thing in life is change, and we should be ready to adapt to make these positive changes in our lives.

  • We should always try to get out of our comfort zone. Sometimes it will help us grow more.

  • Trying something new should be an idea that is always welcome by us.

  • There is no place like home, that's right, but if we need to grow bigger than what we are, we should try to leave our home, travel, and learn new things.


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Change is indeed constant, and how we adapt to these changes will determine the trajectory our lives will take.
Thank you for sharing this with us.

Well spoken sir.
Thanks for reading through my post sir.

You may feel like home is the anchor in your storm, but leaving may well save you from drowning.
Thank you for sharing my good friend