POB - We still have a lot to learn

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What we've done in these 6+ months of POB community is merely speculate on its price and value.

In fact, for the time being we think the price is too high, and for the time being too low.

And I believe we haven't found the real value yet.

We are used to tribes with limits much higher than the 21 million proposed by the POB with halvening every 4 years.

We haven't yet experienced any tribe working that way, and when I say working it's steadily growing and with multiple users, the familiar phrase "the celebrity of the moment".

There are still 42 months to go before we actually start measuring a stable value for the POB.

With all currencies likely to rise from September/October, we could see the POB reach values ​​(in dollars) never before achieved, driven by the strength of the HIVE and its structure itself.

At this point, we will have another turmoil between people pouring their coins taking advantage of the high market, and others wanting to accumulate more counting on the 2024 halvening.

3 years and 6 months is an interesting time for us to bring our people so that they can accumulate coins in their purses before Halvening, I believe in my view that this first POB moment will be one of the most important for your economy, establishing notable figures and making them known by the community, as who built the first step of POB.

There will be users we don't even know about yet and who probably haven't even discovered Hive yet, who will be a key part of POB in the future.

There is enormous untapped potential here, and when the great minds discover it, it will be time to take advantage of the price escalation that POB will provide. And I bet my stake that POB will soon again be worth more than 1 HIVE.

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For people who want to sell their earnings at a higher price, it’s there choice and we have no control over it. But I would suggest that we spread more awareness around staking and it’s benefits and especially how we believe it’s gonna rise to the moon in a few months time and what benefits people can get at that time of they continue to stake and invest in POB.

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Jornada longa... Mas prazerosa, útil, divertida e rentável.

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Cara, a grande questão aqui é que todo dia uma determinada quantidade de POBs são emitidos. @onealfa.pob tem tentado comprar sempre na média de 10% do valor. É um dos que segura o preço.

No mais é apenas um token por aí, avulso e se juntando com tantos outros. O valor real precisa estar circulando ou então vai ficar somente a gente para comprar e dar stake em tudo para manter o preço e olhe lá...

Por isso eu digo, precisamos de casos de uso para o token que ele seja atrativo de alguma forma ainda mais para as outras pessoas.

O fato dele ser limitado nesse estilo de 21 milhões já é uma grande sacada e genial entre as tribos e principalmente por isso que alguns investidores entraram comprando o que podia.

O fato da tribo ser aberta e ganhando cada dia mais usuários também é um grande sucesso.

Mas se ficarmos a depender só disso, não vai aumentar o valor magicamente. Por isso eu espero realmente ver algo funcional para o token, isso levaria o nosso preço. Eu acredito no POB, mas ao mesmo tempo tenho que ser realista com o que temos em mãos.

Então, acredito que nesses 3 anos e meio irão aparecer casos de uso. Acredito que os usuários não estão com pressa por questão do halvening.

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Esse negócio de esperar quase 4 anos foi discutido esse tipo de visão em um posts esses dias atrás. Só não me recordo onde...

The idea that the pob will be worth more than hive,I think is the high time us to know that everything will be okay if not now but soon.

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