Objectives and Goals - Hive, Leo, Pob, Cub, Sps | September 2021

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On August 1st I posted about my August goals, let's see what I managed to achieve and what the September goals will be.


HIVE: 1650 HivePower CHECK
LEO: 550 Leopower CHECK
POB: 17,000 PobPower CHECK

This month I managed to achieve the goals that I proposed, reaching all three.

On Hive I reached 1,668 HivePower, 18 HP more than I had set as my goal. In Leo I reached 561 LeoPower also reaching just above the target, and in the POB where I thought I put a low target, I still got a pretty high value of 18,000 PobPower with a chance of getting close to 20,000.

August Considerations.

As August was a month that I started two projects that I will bring to the Hive community, I didn't dedicate myself so much to the posts due to lack of time, and I also started college work, but I managed to reach the goals happily. I left 1,940 POB on balance in case you need some urgency, but if I had performed the PowerUp I would have reached 20,000, but that is not a problem, but a very important bank and risk management to keep the account growing.

Now, let's go to the Septermber goals.


Continuing at this pace, I think I might be able to reach 1750 HivePower by the end of the month, without needing PowerUp.


Continuing the journey of adding 50 a month, I hope to reach 600 LeoPower by the end of the month.


I will set a modest goal for POB with an alternative. If it's a good month and I manage to put one of the projects into practice, I'll double the goal. I hope to increase my PobPower by 1,000, reaching 19,000, but in a positive scenario I will focus on increasing PobPower by 2,000, reaching the 20,000 PobPower mark.


With the launch of Kingdoms I decided to deposit some CUB in the month of August, putting in a total of 40 CUB. As it's not my priority I hope to make a small 25% increase up to 50 CUB.


I'm currently at 619 SPS, and I hope to continue to stake everything I get. With the average I'm getting, I hope to reach 1,000 SPS by the end of the month.

Goals for the end of the month

HIVE: 1750 HivePower
LEO: 600 Leopower
POB: 19,000 PobPower
SPS: 1,000 SPS

Thank you for the support of everyone who has helped me so far. Without you the way would be much more difficult.

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Interesting, August has gone and we are in the month of September,your September achievement is going be higher than your achievement in August,and also very partispant In this community will also going to achieve boundantly.

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Waoooo and waoo again
You are indeed a god in this game, i like the way you set the goals each month and persistently go all the way to surpass it. I wish i could be like you. This September i know with your record you are gonna do even more than you have. Thumbs up sir.

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Not bad, you got an amazing number of POB. !PIZZA

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@vempromundo! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @heruvim1978.

Did you know Pizzabot speaks Spanish if you use the command ESPIZZA? (1/10)

I'm currently at 619 SPS, and I hope to continue to stake everything I get. With the average I'm getting, I hope to reach 1,000 SPS by the end of the month

With this space reaching your September goal won't that difficult to achieve.

Your goals and achievements are really exciting. Keep doing good work mate, you are a great asset to the POB community. Congratulations and All the very best.

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Great setting goals and achieving them. Awesome smashing that of August. Believe you will do that also for September. Best wishes

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Congratulations on reaching all your goals. I have done this for a few months too and it really helps to focus.
Because of the summer holiday I skipped setting goals for all platforms for a while.
My first goal is to enter the proofofbrain top 50 richlist.

Wow!!! I don't think your post is going to go down well with newbies who are very much new to this forum. Because this goals would have seem almost impossible.

All I see up here @vempromundo.pob are just hard work and dedication. I applaud your idea and how you worked hard to smash them off coupled with college activities. Well done bro. I am indeed encouraged by this. I think it's time to set my own goals for September. Wish me luck

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And the college exams start on the 20th, then it will be even more rushed, haha.

Good luck with your goals for this month.

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Good luck that your goals are successfully achieved.

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