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The big mistake of many people who are starting with Hive and its tribes is trying to relate the social network aspect with other surface social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

I don't judge, I did it myself for a long time, until I understood that Hive has a unique way of interacting.

You alone don't get very far here, at least I don't remember any accounts that grew without adding any value to the community and not injecting any money.

Come on for some tips then


Making friends within the community is just as important as making friends in your daily life outside of Hive. In addition to the rewards, it's great to know that people are reading what you write and responding to.

Just as you want to see your friends grow, they also want to see yours, so there will always be where you help someone and where someone helps you, we can't be the best at everything.

I may have some relevance in POB, but in other tribes I don't, hence the importance of connection, so that I can help people around here and they can help me over there.


Focusing on constantly improving your content is an important way to improve your rewards.

There are posts that have 3 lines, without any image, as if the person were posting on twitter with just over 200 characters. This is not something that appeals to Hive users.

You may find a niche that is adept at this and strengthen these publications, but I believe that there is not yet a relevant audience for this demand.

Trying to put at least a few paragraphs in your post covering the topic you want to write, putting in at least one image, and using formatting code are also great.

One that I love is putting the text in justified, for that you just put the following formatting at the beginning before starting the text:

<div class=text-justify>

And at the end on the last line


That way your text will be more aesthetically beautiful to read.

Use the Trending tab

Always log in to read what is on the Trending tab, there are topics that sometimes have a great reward for being dealing with some topic of interest to the community (not always, but most of the time).

Make a post giving your opinion on the topic.

But don't just say it for the sake of it, do it really bringing your point of view, regardless of whether you think people will like it or not. They will reward you if you give your point of view.

We are here to debate, no one has the right answer for everything, and as we are still starting the POB community, every idea is welcome.


As I said, POB is still a new community, there is a lot to be improved, implemented, changed, etc.

Your idea may help the entire community, but because of shyness we are sometimes afraid to give away our ideas.

Create posts with what you think you can change.

I believe there are a lot of users with great ideas who have a lot to add, and we would be happy to reward posts that bring new ideas.

Hope you helped with some tips, and hope to see them implemented, thus seeing more users with high rewards.

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I feel @vempromundo has made a total summary of what's needed to be taken to attention.. A lot of people on here get lost & confused on how to go about this platform. I for my self could say the same for me too. I have learnt some more things today. I am indeed glad I stumbled upon this blog post. Thank you once again. 👍

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Thank you boss for this essential tips and to be honest sometime i do not pay attention to most of the things you mentioned here but i think i can see the need now.

I totally agree with what you said and though in my own part i do well to make my post well paragraphed with points to each one and also engage in peoples post and drop a little vote.

However i don't know all this attract friends to me in the community, I guess i will learn to make more friends in the community and see how far that will take me.

You are right about the idea which many users have and the refuse to make contributions to the community. actually I think they are afraid of being downvoted or for the aspect that they are still new in the community

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Agree indeed.

For me, writing is the most difficult part. Usually have lot to say. I'm trying to improve it and give more details on posts.

I never miss not using that code on my posts, it has an amazing touch to it, makes it feel good reading through myself.

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Thanks for this post, i learnt a lot already and I'm willing to put it into practice..

It might be difficult at start but I believe I will scale through..

Thanks once again..

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I agree with you 100%. When I started, I kept posting. My content wasn't bad but I wasn't engaging. Sometimes because of time; other times because I am not someone who interacts much on social media.

I my account didn't grow well and it was demotivating for sure. And then someone told me to start interacting and that would not only grow my account monetarily but also help me make friends and that ways I would find this platform more interesting.

Initially, I didn't take their advice. I didn't really believe them. But off late since I have started interacting here, I find this place so lucrative. I have made friends, take part in contests and have some amazing talks which really adds a lot of value to my day and my account has grown like never before.

So this is coming from my personal experience. Just posting good content won't help. One needs to socialise, show interest in other's content to grow, engage and have fun here.

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Hahaha seems this post is talking to me and I haves digested it all, time to act on it and see how far I go with it.

You're good at giving out tips and I'm lucky to come across it, I've been having less engagement on my posts but not a discouragement at all.

I plan to interact more, make more friends on Hive and share contents that connects and draws engagement.

I didn't know if how to put my text in the justified format but I learnt it now and I will surely try it out with my next post.

Thanks for this post sir, it's very much appreciated.

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Very inspiring indeed! As for posts with few lines here on pob, I have seen a lot and truth be told it's not usually encouraging. Thanks for the analysis on text formatting. !PIZZA

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It's interesting that you mentioned justified text

I don't like justified text even though it may seem pretty. I guess it is that some spaces get larger between words and everything looks even at the end. I know most people like it but I like to read with unjustified margins.

Somehow it's just easier for me to read unjustified text. I guess I'm just one of the undignified ones.

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this kinda of justify worth better here than in doc, check my text, there's no larger spaces between words

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I will try it somtimes.

Thank you.

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Nice little tips @vempromundo, I'm really taking that too about justifying texts, I usually take it for granted but now I'm hearing someone else recommend it.

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Ven my colleague I have been reading and commenting through you post for sometime but I have to say I like this speech of reorientation you present now to the beginners and even some who have been on the platform for a while now.... Thanks

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I like what I read here, I agree with what I read here, I like to support what I read here.
Hence, my:

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Thank you for the tips

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Thank you for the tips

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I've been battling with ways to justify my write ups, I had no idea it just took some simple codes, thank you.

Your tips are really helpful I must say and @vempromundo I'm wondering what your name means in english.

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It means 'Come to the world', in a closed group of friends I made some videos on the street talking to people to leave home and go to the world, it was a kind of internal joke

Maybe someday I put some of them here, haha

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Oh, lol what a name!
No wonder, I knew there was about that name of yours.
Thanks ,thanks thanks...

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You guild on pob has really helped me improve as a newbie and I’m still learning on how to make friends. I hope you can elaborate on that.

  1. What are the realistic ways to making more friends?
  2. Where and how can we make friends?
  3. What tribe best suit individual work if he/she want to make friends?

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1 - Finding posts with common interests and commenting them, so you will find people who think like you and it will be easier to start a friendship

2 - Every post is possible to make a new friend, but if you want to find fast I suggest you attend daily POB TALK a profile initiative by @vempromundo.pob

3 - All tribes are possible to make new friends, just find which segment you are most familiar with and attend there

The advantage of ProofOfBrain is the fact that if you can approach any theme, so it is easier for you to find various types of people

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I'm glad I came across this post, these are useful tips and I have learnt a few new things. Thanks for sharing.

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These are really essential tips to growing and earning much here on hive. A lot of newbies need to know about this and inculcate it into their activities. Happened to learn most of this things this year after been on hive for some time. Resteemed for more visibility

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Engagement is definitely one of the most important aspects of building a presence in the Hive ecosystem. The idea is to spread your name around... via comments that show that you actually read the content and had a relevant opinion to share about it. It's how people will become curious enough to check out your profile page and — by extension — start reading some of your content.

A few people — myself included — are almost entirely content consumers rather than content creators.


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