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Hello friends how are you all i hope you are much better after many days i have come in front of you with my daily block i hope you will like it very much i will try today's block to talk in front of you today about my surroundings

Yesterday I came back from my work place and after some normal work at home I went for a walk outside. Then I remembered that there is a huge beautiful park at the back of my house. The biggest thing is that when I come home from work, I spend a lot of time doing my normal activities, so today is my weekly off-day, so I thought that if I turn around a little outside, I will feel better. I wouldn't have any problem if I slept a little late tomorrow with the closure so I got a little out of my mind.

Walking normally I walked to the field and saw a lot of people doing their afternoon physical exercises. Someone was jogging. Someone was playing with the kids. The kids were very busy with football. The physical exercise that is required to increase the capacity is actually realized when we come to the park.

Then I took a short walk around the field and after a while I thought it might rain a little then I had a friend with me tell him to go to one side of the field and sit for a while because after a long walk I felt a little tired then we had an empty bench on one side of the field He was sitting on the bench and we were sitting and talking. In the meanwhile a lot of games have been organized on the field. People are enjoying the games.



In the pictures above we can see that this is actually the field where we have been talking for so long. I told you that when I was taking this picture, the number of people in the field decreased a little because when I come to the field, it is a little late in the evening. The people who were there were getting ready to go to their homes, so some people left. I just sat down and enjoyed the game. I will try to present a detail so I took pictures when the weather was against me



One more thing to keep in mind is that the park we went for a walk in or the park next to my house that I shared with you for so long, your question may come from the picture you see above. Where did I get this picture? There are man-made legs where there are countless species of fish and all kinds of animals that are really nice to see but the biggest rule here is you can't take any kind of fish or any kind of animal from here just to jog your way and actually enjoy it and your land. The park authorities have made this small effort to make it more enjoyable which is really admirable when I go to the park especially to see this species of fish and things that are very pleasing to the mind. Properly covered, it will withstand a great deal of adverse conditions

The picture you see above is a tortoise that we almost all know. It moves very slowly. We all know the story of this creature.



As you can see in the picture above the tortoise and the fish are managing their lives together which is really an instructive thing. An example might be the difference between this fish and the tortoise. It is nice to see the beautiful white color of the fish and the tortoise is so ugly to look at.

In our human life we ​​spend a lot of time thinking about things, we create gaps between people in many ways, many simple things, some of us make things very complicated, life is very beautiful, if we understand the importance of life properly, every step of our life can change our life. A great role to play Life is something that will be governed by the way you manage it The kind of mindset you create in yourself The way you manage your life The way you think about life The way you handle it There are so many gaps in real life that when you have what you want in your mind you will be able to do it within your means you will not have to ask anyone and complex life you can do many things if you want There is no reason to choose a complicated life. We all hope that ordinary people will live in this world in general.

The main reason for saying this is that the animal kingdom is one of the most beautiful animals in our world. The animal kingdom is inhabited by animals and people who are the masters of the earth. We humans are always thinking. Our role is most important because the Creator has given us something that no one else in the animal kingdom has ever given us. There are some things that we know why we try to push ourselves away from ourselves. Just as we are the masters of the earth, there are all kinds of animals and creatures in this world, but who is the owner of the earth? Our kingdom on earth will be reduced. The Creator will be displeased with us and will face all kinds of problems on earth because when you are in danger. Want the Creator God helps you We may understand Many people may not understand Many people may realize this But there is a Creator who has created everything in this world as Muslims have calculated The world has become different due to the great God People remember the world in various ways, who is the creator



Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. What a wonderful way to screw people over. Exercise Items We've created in this world to see what a wonderful place to hang out which is really nice. I see a lot of the time here. They are spending their time in this wonderful park and chatting to pass their time which is really nice. I really thank the field authorities for making some nice rules and things to spend time respecting people.


The park authorities are very happy to see how nice the play area is for the little ones next to the hangout. In fact, the parents bring their children here. The children are participating in the games and they are doing their own physical exercises. They are spending their time happily coming here and on the other hand the kids are relieving their physical worries while playing. On the other hand the adults are coming here which is really great. There is a lot to learn here. Instead of just sitting in front of the computer, finishing my day's work at home, eating and drinking, waking up and going to work again, I don't think in this normal life, I remember a little bit of natural scenery. What a wonderful way to screw people over Don't you understand that there are so many good things in this world? If we go out of our daily routine and think a little differently, then we will realize how beautiful life really is. Gave a lot

When money comes to you you will not buy this kind of happiness and money because you have run out of time. Happiness and peace do not come from your own mind. For peace of mind, you have the desire and love in the gap of life's work. Try to realize them in yourself. You will see that life will be really beautiful. The only thing left to do is to sit in front of our computer and do thousands of work rules. You and I will no longer have anything in the world with you, so love the time. Strive hard enough to fulfill your desires. Try to do it with respect



We don't realize how beautiful things are in our beautiful world, we don't know how much beautiful things we have left in our beautiful world, we can't understand how beautiful things God has created for us in this world, we can't forget how beautiful things are The beautiful animal world may be a little worried that it may or may not want to live on this earth for a lifetime, but our life is fleeting.

The picture above you can see how beautiful the duck picture is or maybe you all know it but look how beautiful but this picture of this amazing white duck when I was there it started to feel like it was doing something good when it was just the sound of their movement. I begin to take in the natural scenery, I know why it attracts me so much, it makes me love so much, for the peace of my mind, there are so many beautiful things in this world that can't be said

I have tried to create a beautiful blog. If you find any mistake in my work here then you must give your opinion in my comment box. I hope you like my block and next time I will try to present to you more beautiful block. I hope everyone is well.

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