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"The most important thing in life is learning how to give love, and how to let it in." - Morrie Schwartz

Loving yourself and the environment around you is a right way to a better life, without the love that we build, war and hatred will adorn the journey of our lives.

The journey of our lives towards the goals we want to achieve will often be met with a problem, be it physical, mental, financial and so on.

But it is important for those of us who are experiencing it to determine an attitude in dealing with the problem, whether we will face it with an attitude of love or with an egotistical attitude in which all decisions are in our hands.

Building a love circle is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand, especially for those of us who are often decorated with anger, frustration, sick thinking, and a weak sense of tolerance so that love will be difficult to grow in our lives.

The bad effect for those of us who are predominantly selfish for every decision will have a negative impact on our long-term goals, especially if we talk about achieving a better future it will be very difficult for us to achieve.

For example, we plan to learn a new skill, get into a sport, or start saving money and start investing, but we will continue to be pushed back with the lure that the future will happen on its own without having to make any preparations or minor changes.

The point is we can do whatever we have planned, but because selfishness has dominated our brains work against us in achieving our goals. Of course this is a very bad behavior cycle, and according to psychologists this has been classified as a form of self-sabotage.

So it's important for all of us, today to re-build the circle of love, so that the life that runs is more harmonious and friendly, especially if we are in a time where all of us are aiming for one goal, which is to achieve a "Better Life".

Talking about leading to a better life, of course, is a long and even difficult journey, because every step we take there will definitely be a problem that comes our way.

Usually on this trip there will be some who get to the destination faster, and there are some who are left behind because of a small slip of error so that he slumps in the middle of the journey and is difficult to reach the destination.

Simply put, if we are in a position that has reached the goal, what will we do for those who are left behind? Encourage him to stay optimistic towards the goal or are we going to leave him rotting on the streets?

Of course, if our lives are filled with selfishness then we will let that person be left behind, how ironic is this life if we allow ourselves to be controlled by negative things so that our humanity has faded from our lives.

That is the reason why it is important for us to continue to build an even bigger circle of love so that the journey of life is more beneficial for ourselves and the environment, so that no one will be left behind on a journey to the same destination

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